How To Write A Manifestation List: 5 easy steps

Write A Manifestation List

Once you understand how to apply the Law of Attraction in your life, you can use it to manifest any desire that you want. However, we have so many thoughts and desires that sometimes it can be hard to focus on a specific desire that we’d like to manifest. Often, we are so busy and so distracted that we even forget about our desires. 

This is why writing a manifestation list is such a powerful technique to help you manifest all of your desires! This article will talk about writing a manifestation list and how to use it to help you attract what you want in your life.

What is a manifestation list? 

A manifestation list is essentially a list of all the desires you want to manifest in the future. This list is meant to serve you as a reminder of all the dreams and desires you want to attract into your life. It may sound unnecessary, but how often have you said that you wanted to accomplish a goal and then forgot all about it? When we forget about our dream or desire, it doesn’t mean that we don’t want it anymore.

Usually, we are too busy and too distracted with our daily lives to focus on working towards that dream. However, this is exactly the goal of having a manifestation list! It may prevent you from getting distracted and forgetting about what you wanted to manifest. It also serves as an excellent way to send your intentions to The Universe. 

How to use a manifestation list?

A manifestation list can be used to manifest your biggest dreams, but you can also use it to manifest small, fun things. When I started applying the Law of Attraction in my life, I used this technique intentionally to practice my manifestation abilities. Every day, I would write down a short manifestation list of 3 things that I wanted to manifest to that day.

It would include small things such as manifesting someone paying for my coffee or getting a text message from a friend. When I got better at manifesting these small things, I started using this technique to manifest my bigger dreams! I now write a manifestation list every month where I jot down all the things that I want to manifest during the next 30 days. 

How to write a manifestation list in five steps

If you’re wondering how to write a manifestation list, you can follow these five simple steps. 

 1. Calm your mind through meditation 

To write your manifestation list, start by calming your mind. Then, meditate for a few minutes before you sit down to come up with your list. Sometimes, we may think that we want something because of external influences. However, when you truly listen to yourself and your heart, you realize that you don’t really want those things. Meditation will help you get rid of all the noise in your head and hear your inner voice much more clearly! It will also help you tune in to your inner desires.

 2. Think about what you want to manifest 

After you’ve meditated for a few minutes, the next step to write your manifestation list is to think about what you want to manifest. This will depend on many factors, such as where you currently are in your life, what is the most important for you at the moment, and what amount of time you want to manifest those things. If you’re not sure where to start, then start with the big picture. What are your biggest dreams that seem unattainable at the moment? Write them all down, no matter how outrageous they may sound. 

3. Divide your dreams into smaller ones 

Now that you’ve written down a manifest list of your biggest dreams start dividing them into smaller, more actionable ones. While it is possible to manifest amazing and mind-blowing things, you can’t expect to manifest a new Porsche out of the blue! Manifestation involves taking action towards achieving your dreams. This is why it is important to know the smaller goals that will lead you towards your biggest dream! 

Set up a timeframe and start dividing your biggest dreams into smaller chunks. For example, if you want to manifest a Porsche, a smaller thing you can manifest within the next 30 days would be making an additional thousand dollars to save up for your dream car. 

4. Choose what to focus on

The next step to write your manifestation list is to choose your focus. Once you have your dreams divided into smaller, actionable goals within specific timeframes, it’s time to decide what you want to focus on. While it is possible to manifest many things at once, it means that your energy will be dispersed.

If you want to manifest something faster, it is better to focus on just one or two goals within a specific timeframe. If you have many big dreams, choose one or two that are the most important for you. Then, reread your list and reorganize it with the goals you’ve chosen. 

5. Add details 

The last step to write a manifestation list is to add details. When manifesting something, it is important to be very specific about what you want. Otherwise, The Universe can interpret it in a different way than what you intended! So, once you have your manifestation list organized, make sure to add details.

For example, if you want to manifest a new laptop within the next 30 days, write down every detail that comes to your mind about your dream laptop. Also, make sure to include the emotions that you will feel when you already have your wish! 


Writing a manifestation list can help you realize exactly what you want to attract into your life. It will also help you figure out an action plan of smaller goals that will eventually lead you to manifest your biggest and most amazing dreams. However, before you write a manifestation list of your biggest dreams, you can start by playing around with them and practicing your manifestation skills by manifesting small, fun things! 

Are you going to write a manifestation list? Let us know in the comments!

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