Vision Board Checklist: 7 Things To Put On Your Vision Board

Vision board checklist

If you’re into manifestation and the law of attraction and you’re looking for ways to manifest your dream reality, you probably heard about vision boards. A vision board is one of the most popular manifestation methods and one that many people have had great success with.

If you’re looking to make your first vision board to help you manifest your goals and desires, this vision board checklist will help you get some ideas on what to put on your vision board. 

What is a vision board? 

A vision board is essentially a handmade board where you put images, phrases, positive affirmations, and anything else that you want to manifest into your life. Think of your vision board as a way to communicate to The Universe exactly what you want to manifest! Everything that you put onto your vision board will manifest into your reality. All you have to do to make that happen is to be in the right mindset and fully believe that you can manifest all of it, no matter how crazy or impossible it seems.

Vision board checklist

So, are you ready to create your vision board? Now that you know what it is, you may be wondering what to put on there! Here is a vision board checklist of 7 things you can put on your vision board:

 1. Magazine images 

The first element on our vision board checklist is magazine images. Magazine cutouts are great for adding to a vision board. You can find beautiful and inspirational images from any magazine, such as lifestyle magazines, fashion magazines, or travel magazines. My first handmade vision board included cutouts from the National Geographic magazine of different places where I wanted to travel (yes, I ended up traveling to all of these destinations!). 

 2. Postcards 

Adding postcards to your vision board is also an excellent idea. These can be postcards from different destinations or representing something that has to do with your goals. Make sure that each postcard that you pin onto your vision board has a special meaning to you! Maybe it’s a postcard you received from a long-distance friend that you’d really like to manifest visiting! The idea behind anything that you put on your vision board is to help you visualize already having it in your life. 

3. Online images 

One of the most effective ways to create a vision board is to look for photos that represent the goals and desires you want to manifest on Google. You can find anything on Google. Remember that everything you put onto your vision board will manifest into your reality, so make sure to choose the images that have a meaning for you and that best match your goals! You want to make sure that The Universe is getting the message right so that it can give you exactly what you want.

When I created my last vision board, I put on it images I found on Google representing moving to a tropical location, working online, making money on my laptop, and living a lifestyle I love. I can happily say that all of these things manifested and my reality is now a reflection of that vision board!

 4. Inspirational quotes 

Another element on our vision board checklist is inspirational quotes. Don’t put just any inspirational or motivational quote that you think is cool! Your vision board is meant to be personal and unique to you, so make sure to put only the quotes that actually inspire you and motivate you to achieve your goals! These inspirational quotes can be from your favorite motivational speakers, life coaches, someone from your family, or even from your favorite movie. Just make sure that any quote you put on your vision board has a meaning for you and can help you manifest your goals faster!

 5. Song lyrics 

Song lyrics also make part of this vision board checklist of things to put on your vision board! I found adding song lyrics to my vision board is really fun. Scientifically, songs create associations in our brains. So for example, a certain song may always make you think about a specific person, a specific event from your life, or a certain destination you want to travel to. If you have a song like that, putting the lyrics on your vision board will make it easier for you to visualize manifesting it into your life!  

6. Handwritten affirmations 

Handwritten affirmations are another thing on this vision board checklist. Powerful and well-formulated affirmations can help you manifest your desires more easily. When writing your affirmations, make sure to be super-specific. If you want to manifest making a certain amount of money per month, you can write an affirmation stating how it makes you feel. You can write something like “I’m so grateful that I am now making X amount of money per month doing what I love. I feel abundant, powerful, and happy.” 

 7. Meaningful objects 

A fun and creative thing to put on your vision board are meaningful objects. Again, make sure that anything you put on your vision board matches the goals and desires you want to manifest and makes it easy for you to visualize already having these goals in your life. For example, if you want to manifest living next to the beach, you can put on your vision board a beautiful seashell you picked up last time you went to the beach. If you want to manifest receiving a certain gift, you can put an object that symbolizes it on your vision board.

8. BONUS: Your New Beliefs

 If you are working on manifesting your dream, you know how important beliefs are. It is essential to remove all your negative beliefs regarding your dream and replace them with your positive and uplifting new beliefs. So, If you have already changed your negative belief, it is a fantastic and logical idea to put your new beliefs on your vision board.

The idea behind creating a vision board is to raise your frequency to become a vibrational match to everything that you put on it. Every time you look at your vision board, it is going to inspire you and motivate you to keep on working towards your goals. This vision board checklist is meant to help you create your best, most inspirational vision board so that you can manifest your goals and desires more easily. 

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