7 Symbols Of Abundance To Attract More Wealth Into Your Life

Symbols Of Abundance

We all want to attract more abundance into our lives. For some, abundance is not related to material things, and it may mean more love or more joy. However, for most people, attracting more abundance means attracting more money or more wealth in the form of material possessions. 

To attract more money into your life, you need to understand and vibrate at the frequency of money. To help you achieve that kind of vibrational frequency, you can use the symbols of abundance in your manifestation practices. These symbols have existed since ancient times and have been used across many different cultures as sacred objects to attract money, wealth, and good fortune. This article will talk about seven symbols of abundance that can help you attract more wealth into your life. 

Can symbols of abundance help you attract more wealth?

Before we talk about the different symbols of abundance, let’s talk about how these symbols can help you attract more wealth into your life. As a Law of Attraction practitioner, you already know that The Universe loves communicating with us through signs and symbols! As you already know, everything in our material world is energy, and everything vibrates at a specific frequency. Unfortunately, many people struggle to attract more money into their lives because they don’t realize that money is also energy. Money is vibrating at a specific frequency, and as per the Law of Attraction, to attract something, we need to match its vibrational frequency. 

The symbols of abundance vibrate at the frequency of abundance, wealth, and money. The goal of these symbols is to help you raise your frequency to match the frequency of money and, as a result, attract more opportunities and favorable circumstances that will eventually lead you to more abundance and wealth. 

How to use the symbols of abundance? 

There are many rituals you can perform using the symbols of abundance. One of the rituals you can perform to manifest more money is to write a short affirmation on a piece of paper stating what you want to manifest. It should be something simple but specific, for example, “I am making X amount of money per month doing what I love.” Draw your chosen abundance symbol around this affirmation a couple of times. Please fold the paper and put it in your wallet. Meditate on this affirmation for at least 10 minutes a day.  

Another way to manifest more money using the symbols of abundance is to fill your house with them. This will raise the frequency of your home to match the vibrational frequency of money and abundance. You can also use the symbols of abundance as jewelry. Wearing them will raise your frequency and help you vibrate at the frequency of abundance so that you can become a money magnet.

7 symbols of abundance to attract more wealth into your life 

The symbols of abundance vary depending on the country and its culture, but they are all mighty. So if you are planning on using them to attract more money, choose the ones you resonate with the most.

1. Shefa

Shefa means “abundance” in Hebrew, and it is one of the most powerful symbols of abundance. It is a Kabbalist term that describes abundance as something that goes far beyond just material wealth. In Kabbalah, Shefa means the flow of abundance that comes to our planet from the higher planes of existence. 

2. Chan Chu

Chan Chu is a money attraction symbol in Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a Chinese practice of harmonizing the energy in living places. Chan Chu is pictured as a three-legged frog holding a coin in its mouth and sitting on a pile of coins. 

3. Maneki Neko 

Maneki Neko is a Japanese talisman of good luck and good fortune. It is a cat raising a paw. The raised paw is a symbol of good luck coming into your life.

4. Kubera Yantra 

Kubera Yantra is a geometric symbol that originates from Hinduism. It is used to attract wealth. It is believed that meditation on this symbol elevates your state of consciousness and can bring more wealth and abundance into your life. 

5. The Midas Star

The Midas Star is a Reiki symbol of abundance and prosperity. It is a set of geometric lines forming an abstract star, with a red line underneath it. You can use this symbol to manifest the constant flow of money into your life by drawing it on paper and carrying it in your wallet. 

6. The Fehu Rune

Runes are part of the Celtic alphabet consisting of 24 letters, usually engraved in wood or stone. Nowadays, runes connect to one’s higher self and seek advice as to what the future may hold. They are used in divination as an oracle. The Fehu Rune is the symbol of possessions. It can be used to help you achieve your goals, such as earning more money or getting a promotion. 

7. Lakshmi 

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity. She is pictured sitting on a lotus flower with a stream of gold coins falling from one of her hands. The symbol of Goddess: Lakshmi can be used to attract more abundance into your life. In the Hindu culture, it is done through wealth mantras that are specific to this goddess. 

These are only a few of the many symbols of abundance around the world. There is no right or wrong way of using these symbols to attract more abundance into your life, so make sure to do it in the way that feels the most aligned with you. 

To activate these symbols of abundance, you need to believe in their power first. If you don’t believe that they can help you attract more wealth into your life, they won’t! Believing is the key to manifesting anything, and these symbols are tools that you can use to channel this energy and send your intentions to The Universe. 

Have you ever used any symbols of abundance to help you attract more wealth? What was your experience? Please share it in the comments of this article!

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