5 Ways To Study The Law Of Attraction

5 Ways To Study The Law Of Attraction

Have you just recently discovered the Law of Attraction? Or maybe you’ve heard about it here and there, and you want to learn more about it? If so, you may be wondering how you can study the Law of Attraction, as it is not a typical thing that people choose to learn about! 

When I first discovered the Law of Attraction, I wondered how I could learn more about it. So, I started looking for ways to study it further. In this article, I will share with you five ways to study the Law of Attraction. 

1. Observe it in your own life 

The best way to study the Law of Attraction is to observe it in your own life! When I first discovered the Law of Attraction, I was skeptical. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to believe in it, but something about it resonated very deeply with me. So I started paying more attention to my thoughts and beliefs and how they reflected my physical reality.

After a while, I realized that I was responsible for many things that I was attracting into my own life! For example, whenever I thought that I would fail the test at the university because I wasn’t feeling prepared enough, I would fail. But if I studied the same amount of time and put in the same amount of effort but chose to believe that I could wing it, I’d pass every time! This may be a banal example, but it proves that your thoughts can determine what happens in your life. 

To study the Law of Attraction, start by observing your thoughts and beliefs. How do these thoughts shape your reality? Make sure to get out of your own head and allow yourself to observe yourself without judgment. Only then will you become aware of what you’re attracting into your life. And once you do, you’ll be able to consciously and intentionally change it into what you want.  

2. Read personal development books

Another great way to study the Law of Attraction is to read personal development books. There are many books dedicated to spirituality and the law of attraction specifically. However, reading personal development books will help you learn more about yourself and become more aware of your thoughts and limiting beliefs. This, in turn, will help you apply the Law of Attraction into your life, as our thoughts and beliefs manifest into our physical reality. 

Many people have discovered the Law of Attraction, thanks to The Secret. Although this book has become very popular and has motivated many people to explore the Law of Attraction, it describes this concept superficially. Therefore, it may create misconceptions about what the Law of Attraction really is.

Personally, I discovered the Law of Attraction thanks to the book called “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. In this book, Louise Hay describes how she could cure herself of cancer with the power of her mind! While reading this book, I decided to follow all of her exercises and recommendations. And while I watched my life start to gradually transform, practicing the Law of Attraction has become a non-negotiable part of my life. 

3. Watch spiritual YouTubers or read spiritual blogs 

At the beginning of my spiritual journey, my favorite way to study the Law of Attraction was learning about it from other people. Google and YouTube are the world’s most popular search engines! You can find anything on Google and YouTube. In addition, reading blogs dedicated to the Law of Attraction, manifestation, and spirituality is a great source of information! On this blog, you can already find a big base of articles on the Law of Attraction and manifestation that will help you understand it better and learn how to apply it in your life. 

However, if you’re not a fan of reading blogs (which you probably are, since you’re reading this), you can search for YouTube channels on the topic of the Law of Attraction. Hearing other people’s success stories with the Law of Attraction and manifestation can inspire you to try applying it in your own life!

Another excellent option is Gaia. Gaia is an online platform similar to Netflix but specializing in spirituality and the Law of Attraction. Their content is very interesting and educational! So if you want to study the Law of Attraction, Gaia is definitely the right place to go. 

4. Take online courses or invest in a coach

A great way to study the Law of Attraction further is by investing in a coach. Coaching has become more and more popular in recent years. It is a great tool to explore yourself at a deeper level. When you choose to work with the right coach for you, they can help you achieve your goals, shift your mindset and release your limiting beliefs. There are many manifestations of mindset coaches out there that you can find on social media who dedicate their time and effort to help others create a life that they love. 

If coaching does not resonate with you or it’s out of your budget, but you want to expand and grow further, online courses are an excellent alternative. Platforms such as MindValley offer a wide range of personal development, manifestation, and mindset courses that will help you expand your consciousness.

5. Experiment with it 

Possibly the best way to study the Law of Attraction is simply by experimenting with it. Just like with every craft, you get better at manifesting and attracting your desires into your life by practicing it consistently! When I first started using the Law of Attraction, I did it for fun. I started by manifesting small things, such as having someone invite me for a coffee or finding a one-dollar bill on the street. Start by manifesting fun things and when you get good at it, move on to bigger things and desires that are truly important to you. 

By experimenting with the Law of Attraction, you’ll discover your own way of manifesting. You’ll find out what works and what doesn’t simply by trial and error. Of course, it is always good to follow someone else’s advice, but the best way to learn is through our own mistakes and experiences. 


The Law of Attraction has been gaining in popularity in recent years. More and more decide to explore it further and study it closer! If you feel a calling to study the Law of Attraction, you’ll need to do a lot of research, learn from other people and experiment with it in your own life. Only this way will you decide if it resonates with you and if you want to keep applying it to create a life that you dream about. 

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