Spiritual Guidance – Connect With Your Spirit Guides

Spiritual Guidance

Did you know it is actually easy to connect with your spirit guides to get spiritual guidance? Your spirit guides are always around you and they want to help you in all areas of life.

I know you might think it’s hard to connect with your spirit guides, but I can assure you it’s not. All you have to do is set the intention to communicate with your spirit guides, open up to your unique way of receiving messages, and believe in the messages you are getting. It’s that simple!

Do you have to be psychic to get spiritual guidance?

You don’t need to be “gifted” or “psychic” to connect with your spirit guides. We all have spirit guides, like Guardian Angels and our Ancestors, who are with us from birth—and even stay with us through different lifetimes on the Earth.

Your spirit guides want to help you. They often send messages throughout the day—especially when life gets rough or when your spirit guides have a special message or advice for you. 

The trick is to understand how you receive messages from your spirit guides. You see, there are a few different ways spirit guides send messages, known as Clair senses, and you need to know which way you get messages from your spirit guides to understand the messages as they come to you.

Consider this: if you are expecting to see a full-on apparition of your beloved grandfather who you have been thinking about a lot lately, but your strongest Clair sense is related to hearing, not seeing, you might miss the message your grandpa has been sending you through songs and snippets of conversation. 

What are the Clair Senses?

There are five main clair senses: clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairempathy, and clairsentience.

Clairvoyance, or seeing apparitions or mind movies. 

If you are clairvoyant, you might see dead people like the kid in the movie, The Sixth Sense, or you might see pictures or images in your mind’s eye. Some people with clairvoyance see auras or angel sparks—flashes of light or even big blobs of glowing energy. 

This is the sense Hollywood has us believing we all should have, but it is only one way to receive messages from your spirit guides.

Clairaudience, or hearing messages. 

If you hear a song that has the exact words you needed to hear or one that reminds you of a loved one that passed on, you are likely clairaudient. Clairaudient messages come through snippets of overheard conversation, conversations on TV that you tune into at just the right moment, songs, and even from your spirit guides whispering—or yelling—into your ears! 

Claircognizance, or knowing or understanding. 

This Clair sense is a bit hard to put your finger on, but if you have it, you just know things about people, places, or even events that are happening around the world. Claircognizance can be bits and pieces of information that come to you seemingly out of the clear blue air. Learn to recognize these bits of information as messages from the spirit world. 

Clairempathy, when you feel something that someone else feels. 

This is a Clair sense. I honestly think we ALL have at some level. We all wince when we see someone get hit in a particularly painful way; we all feel the warmth of a long hug between long-lost friends who accidentally meet after a period of absence. 

If your main gift is Clair empathy, you might get a lot more of the feels when you pass or interact with others because your sense of Clair empathy is heightened. 

Clairsentience, or getting a gut feeling about something. 

This is a sense you might be familiar with—like the sinking feeling in your gut you get when you think about that job opportunity that is perfect but there’s just something about it that isn’t right or that tug in your heart when you think about moving to Florida. Clairsentience can be good feelings of expansion and joy, or bad feelings like cramping, nausea, and dread. 

There are a few other Clair senses, like clairgustance, which refers to tasting; clairalience, or being able to smell phantom scents like your grandmother’s favorite perfume or your uncle’s cigar smoke; and Clair tangency, where you get information about the owner of an object when you hold that object in your hands. 

Learning to connect with your spirit guides

You likely have a primary psychic sense or way of receiving messages. If it isn’t what you wanted it to be, you might have been ignoring it this whole time, though—especially if it wasn’t what you wanted it to be. 

Really, you might not want to think the random smell of the same sort of stinky cigar Uncle Ralph used to smoke is a message from your dear Uncle Ralph, but it might be. If you smell something you associate with a friend or loved one who passed on, start tuning in and paying attention to other messages you pick up from the spirit world. 

Tuning in is making a quiet space to receive messages from your spirit guides. It’s setting the intention of listening with all of your senses to see what comes up. What comes up might surprise you!

If you want to do a quick session to connect to your spirit guides and get messages, do a little prep work and remember to record what happens.

What you’ll need is:

  • An honest desire to get messages from your spirit guides
  • A quiet space
  • A notebook and pen
  • Your undivided attention
  • Trust

You might want to start off by calling in your guardian angel or protector spirits to make sure that the messages you get are beneficial for you and don’t come with any psychic attachments.

Once you’ve set your intention to connect with your spirit guides, simply pay attention and see what comes up through all of your senses, in your body, and in the environment around you. Don’t try to force it! Just let it flow.

And really pay attention, because learning to use your psychic senses can be like learning to use a new muscle group—it’s weak at first but gets stronger with practice.

If you get flashes of insight, write them down. You might even open up your journal, ask for a message, and then let your writing flow to see what your spirit guides have to say. 

If your spirit guides are a chatty group, you might get a LOT of input all at once. You can ask your guides to slow down and give you time to process the messages. 

You might even realize you’ve been getting messages all along and didn’t know they were from your spirit guides!

Remember, too, you can always tell a lingering spirit to STFU and give you some peace if you connect with a particularly gabby spirit. Ask it to either give you a clear message about what it needs from you or to only come during office hours, a.k.a. when you are sitting down for a meditation session.

And remember, messages from your spirit guides might come through a bit differently than you want or expect. The key is to accept your gifts for what they are and learn to really lean into them.

To Sum It Up

Connecting with your spirit guides is easy. You simply set the intention and let it flow! Understanding those messages might be a bit harder, especially if you expect them to come through one sense when they actually come through another.

All of us are born with the ability to connect with spirit guides, we just have to learn to recognize the messages our spirit guides are sending as they come through.

I’d love to hear about which Clair sense is your strongest and which you wish you had. Let me know in the comments below!

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