How To Speak Your Desires Into Existence With The Law Of Attraction

How To Speak Your Desires Into Existence

Words have power. According to the Law of Vibration, everything vibrates at a certain frequency. Therefore, every word you speak carries with itself a specific frequency. Therefore, you can use the power of your words to manifest your desires into existence. 

Speaking your desires into existence is one of the most powerful laws of attraction methods for manifesting. The idea behind this method is that we manifest our thoughts and words into existence. So, by speaking about your desires enough times, you can make them manifest into your reality!

In this article, I will share with you a few tips on how to speak your desires into existence with the law of attraction

How to speak your desires into existence? 

Speaking things into existence is a law of attraction technique that consists of speaking about your desires out loud, as many times as possible. Using this technique is very simple. However, it is a very powerful method to manifest your dreams and desires! If you want to speak your desires into existence with the law of attraction, there are a few pointers that you need to follow to make sure you’re doing it correctly. 

1.Say your desires with conviction

The key to manifesting anything is believing that you can. Whenever you speak your desires into existence out loud, make sure that you’re speaking about them with conviction and passion! Remember that the Universe can feel your energy. If you say your desires out loud, but you don’t truly believe in what you’re saying, The Universe will know, and your desires won’t manifest. When you say your desires with enough conviction and enough times, The Universe will respond. Make sure that you know what you want and state your desires without any doubt. 

2. Pay attention to your wording 

One of the main mistakes many people commit when manifesting their desires into existence is using the wrong wording. The way you choose your words around your desires is very important! If you choose the wrong wording, you may manifest the opposite of what you want to attract. Remember that our thoughts and words vibrate at specific frequencies. When speaking your desires into existence, make sure to only use positive sentences and speak with optimism. Do not use negative phrases. 

This has a lot to do with believing that your desires can manifest for you. When speaking your desires into existence, you’re stating something that hasn’t come true yet. Many people struggle with that because they feel the need to see their desires manifesting before they believe. Unfortunately, this approach creates a lot of resistance and blocks your desires from manifesting! Instead, state your desires with optimism, as if you already had them, even though they haven’t manifested into your physical reality yet. 

3. Stop complaining 

Most of us complain a lot every single day. Complaining is a habit that we are not even aware of. If you want to speak your desires into existence, you need to stop complaining. Turn it into something positive instead of whining about what you don’t want or what you don’t like. It is not an easy task, and it will require a lot of effort, time, and consistency before you can turn it into a habit. 

For example, if you’re unhappy about waking up every morning to go to a job you hate, turn it into something positive instead of complaining about it. Think about something that you enjoy about that job. Maybe it’s the coffee at the office or spending your lunch break with your colleagues. When you say, for example, “I don’t want to wake up every morning to go to work,” The Universe doesn’t understand that what you want is the opposite of that. Instead, it will just give you more of what you’re stating in that sentence. 

Another thing you can do to avoid complaining about your job is to find a purpose it serves. When I used to work at the job I hated, I would wake up every morning and tell myself that I needed to work there to save money and travel the world. I even gave myself a deadline and would say something like, “By the end of [specific date], I have saved [specific amount of money] to travel the world.” I ended up saving that amount of money just before the date I set myself, quitting my job and buying a one-way ticket to the Caribbean! 

4. Repeat affirmations 

Another way to speak your desires into existence with the law of attraction is by repeating affirmations. Affirmations are a very powerful tool if used correctly. Think about your desires and create specific affirmations to repeat a few times a day. 

For example, if you desire to improve the relationship with your partner who doesn’t spend enough time with you, you can say something like, “My partner loves to spend time with me.” Saying your affirmation along with taking action towards making it true (maybe you can plan a weekend trip with your partner or suggest a weekly date night!) will eventually help you make this desire become your reality! 

5. Pay attention to your habitual self-talk 

Another thing that you should pay attention to when you speak your desires into existence with the law of attraction is the way you talk to yourself. Most people tend to talk down on themselves and self-sabotaging their own success! However, speaking your desires into existence is not only about what you say out loud but also about your internal dialogue with yourself. Remember that what you say to yourself about yourself and your life will manifest into your reality! 


Speaking things into existence is based on the Law of Attraction principle, which states that we attract the reflection of how we perceive ourselves and our life. If you constantly think about the things you don’t like about yourself and your life, these things will keep manifesting into your life. The thoughts you think in your mind and the words you speak out loud are a self-fulfilling prophecy. So if you want to speak your desires into existence, make sure to watch your words and your thoughts! 

Which desires are you going to speak into existence with the law of attraction? Share them with us in the comments!

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