5 Unavoidable Self-Care Checklists For Peak Performance

Self-Care Checklists

Ever since I embarked on my spiritual journey, the word “self-care” has taken a new meaning for me. You may think “self-care” means taking a spa day from time to time or getting a new haircut once a month. The truth is, it is so much more than sporadic actions. 

Self-care is a process of constant reflection and a series of wellbeing practices. Practicing daily self-care will give you long-term benefits, such as overall health and better control over your emotions and reactions to external circumstances. 

This is why having a self-care checklist for every area of your life that requires attention is so beneficial. Your self-care checklist will differ from anyone else’s as it is supposed to fit your needs, your goals, and your lifestyle. In this article, I will share 5 unavoidable self-care checklist ideas with you to improve your performance in different areas of your life. You can use these ideas and personalize them to best fit your needs. 

What is a self-care checklist? 

Before we discuss the different self-care checklist ideas for peak performance, let’s first discuss what really is a self-care checklist. 

“A self-care checklist is essentially an intentional plan of action to help you improve your overall wellbeing”.

It is said that a person usually needs a minimum of 21 days of constant action to turn something into a habit. The goal of having a self-care checklist is to turn your self-care practices in different areas of your life into non-negotiable habits that will eventually become an unquestionable part of your life. 

You can think of it as a “to-do list” dedicated to self-care. I don’t know about you, but writing down a “to-do list” every day and checking completed tasks at the end of the day feels exceptionally satisfying! When it comes to having a self-care checklist, it feels even better because I know this is something I am doing for myself and my wellbeing only. 

Why is having a self-care checklist essential? 

A self-care checklist is supposed to serve you as a reminder to practice the daily habits you have established for yourself. Sometimes, we decide to incorporate a specific habit into our lives and then completely forget about it as we get absorbed in our day-to-day duties. Running a self-care checklist will remind you about these habits and help you make sure that you follow through with them. It will also help you track your progress.

Another benefit of having a self-care checklist is improved productivity. Thanks to it, you will see where your time goes. You will become more aware of your habits. The goal of having a self-care checklist is to help you maintain a strong mind and a healthy body.

5 self-care checklist ideas you need for peak performance:

1. Daily Self-Care Checklist 

This is the most important of all your self-care checklists. The goal of running a daily self-care checklist is to make sure you’re following through with the simplest habits, such as drinking enough water, cleaning your apartment, or just simply make sure you did everything you wanted during the day. 

2. Morning Routine Checklist 

Your morning routine is the most essential part of your day! Having an effective morning routine will help you kick off your day with a positive mindset and energy. My morning routine checklist includes,

  •  Drinking a glass of water with lemon.
  •  Stretching exercises
  • Meditation
  • Reading
  • Planning the day

 Your morning routine is personal and should adapt to your needs, so your morning routine checklist will also be ultra-personalized and different from anyone else’s.

3. Evening Routine Checklist 

This self-care checklist is meant to help you close the day with gratitude and positive vibes and prepare you for a peaceful sleep. Just like with your morning routine checklist, your evening routine checklist needs to be personalized to your specific needs and what makes you feel good. My evening routine includes

  • Stretching for a good sleep
  • Gratitude journaling
  • Planning the next day
  • Switching off all screens at least an hour before bed.

4. Wellbeing Checklist 

A wellbeing checklist is a self-care checklist dedicated specifically to habits meant to improve your overall wellbeing and mental health. Unlike your morning routine and evening routine checklists, this one focuses less on tasks to perform and more on your mental state. Your wellbeing checklist can include things like expressing gratitude for the things you’ve experienced during the day, checking in with your emotions, or letting go of negative thoughts. Running through this checklist every night will remind you to do these things every day until they become a habit. 

5. Monthly Self-Care Checklist

Checking in with your goals and habits at the end of every month is essential to make sure you are becoming the best version of yourself. This checklist is meant to help you revise your habits and goals to better adapt your existing wellbeing action plan to where you currently are. You can look at it as a “to-do list” of goals you’d like to achieve in the next 30 days. For example, it can include things like learning a new skill you’d really like to know, spending less time on social media, or changing your eating habits. 

To Sum It Up

Without a doubt, having a self-care checklist dedicated to different areas in your life will help you find a healthy work-life balance and make sure that you are following through with your healthy habits and goals. 

Don’t view your checklist as another list of things to do during the day! It is so much more than that. It is meant to help you take your mind off your duties, responsibilities, and things to take care of during the day and focus on yourself and your wellbeing.

It may seem like an unproductive thing to do, especially if you’re a very busy person. In the long run, practicing a self-care routine with the help of a self-care checklist will improve your overall wellbeing. As a result, the quality of your life. 

Has this article inspired you to create your own self-care checklist? Let us know in the comments! 

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