4 Powerful and Easy Ways to Protect Your Energy

Protect Your Energy

If you are an empath or even a regular Joe, protecting your energy is essential. Your energy isn’t only your motivation and attitude—it permeates everything you do and all aspects of your life. It’s wise to learn to protect your energy. Today, we’ll be talking about four powerful and easy ways to protect your energy. 

You usually don’t need a healer or voodoo priestess to protect you with spells and rituals. If you’ve let your energetic maintenance go for too long, though, it might be good to seek help from a Reiki practitioner or shaman to help you cut energetic attachments from your aura and recharge your spirit. Getting help with your energy from time to time can be extremely helpful. You can use these tools and tips to help you protect your energy in the time between sessions.

 Take good care of your physical and mental health.

Probably the simplest way and most profound way to protect your energy are to make your physical, mental, and emotional health a priority. Your overall health and wellness will influence everything you do and the decisions you make—and it is a huge part of your ability to protect your energy. 

When you eat a diet laden with junk food, sodas, alcohol, and other things that aren’t good for you, your energy suffers—not only your physical energy, your psychic energy suffers as well. You become sluggish and somewhat toxic. Your inhibitions and boundaries become more permeable. 

As you know, like attracts like, so you’ll be inviting low-vibe, low energy people into your life if you don’t take good care of yourself.

That can open you up to attacks and attachments from negative people around you and from wayward energies that sense your weakened state. 

When you make a commitment to healthy habits, like eating nutrient-rich foods, getting enough sleep, and hanging out with high-vibe people, your natural defenses are strengthened not only on a cellular level but also on an energetic level. 

Instead of letting things slide or involving yourself in relationships or situations that drain you, you maintain healthy boundaries and reject anything that will harm your energy. 

Protect your energy with an energetic shield.

One of the easiest ways you can protect your energy is through meditation and visualization. You can start your day with a shielding meditation that creates a boundary—either highly permeable or quite dense and hard—that fits your overall state of sensitivity and health that day.

If you have a meeting with someone who drains you, make sure to create a more solid boundary in your meditation. If you are a caregiver or therapist, you can create a shield that is permeable enough to allow what needs to flow in so you can do your job, but that stops anything extra from slipping through and draining you. 

There are some great meditations online you can use to shield your energy. You can also sit quietly and imagine yourself being surrounded by a glowing, opalescent sphere of energy that expands about two to three feet beyond your body and has a definite edge to it. The edge, as mentioned above, can either be soft like a membrane or hard like a crystal.

If you need to strengthen or open your energetic shield during the day, you can just tune back into that edge you made in your original visualization and update it as needed. 

Crystals for protection

Another easy way to protect your energy is by using crystals. You can use many different crystals to protect and shield your energy and reflect or neutralize any negativity before it can affect you.

A few excellent crystals you can use to shield your energy are:

Hematite: Known for its grounding and shielding properties, this deep gray/almost black crystal has been used throughout history to protect anyone who wears it from negative energy—even negative thought patterns. 

Clear Quartz: Clear quartz is used in everything from watches to rockets because it is programmable. If you need a protective stone, you can meditate with clear quartz and program it to protect your energy. Make sure to keep the quartz in your pocket or purse so you have it with you at all times.

Black Tourmaline: When you need a crystal that will repel or absorb negative energy, black tourmaline is the crystal for you. It can do both. Many empaths find wearing a black tourmaline will ground them and absorb any negativity present in their environment, including psychic energy and EMFs given off by standard electronic devices found in our homes and offices. 

There are many more protective crystals, like selenite, black kyanite, and pyrite. Choose one that feels right when you pick it up, and make sure to wear it or keep it handy if you have a tough day ahead of you. 

Sigils and Symbols

Another great way you can protect your energy is by either using a symbol or sigil that is protective or making a personal sigil of protection. 

Humans have used protective symbols for thousands of years. You can find examples in many different cultures, from Ancient Egypt to the Vikings, from India to the Inuit tribes of Northern Canada. 

You might be familiar with some common protective symbols: the Hamza, the Evil Eye, the Eye of Horus, and the Triquetra.

You can purchase everything from jewelry to t-shirts and bumper stickers with these symbols on them. 

If you are using any of these symbols for your own energy protection, make sure to energetically charge the item with your intention before wearing it. That will make the symbol more potent for you. 

You can also create your own protective symbol or sigil. If you feel like you need something unique to your own situation, get a pen and paper and sit down and draw a protective symbol that integrates your own personal power and elements personal to you. You can keep your sigil on a piece of paper in your wallet, add it to your mojo bag, get it tattooed onto you, or even have it engraved onto a crystal or printed onto a t-shirt. 

To Sum It Up

Protecting your personal energy is essential, especially when you are sensitive or work in an environment filled with EMFs and people who might drain you. There are many simple ways to protect your energy, like taking good care of your health, meditating and visualizing protective boundaries, using crystals that will help to shield you, and even working with ancient or personal symbols or sigils.

I’d love to know what protective and shielding practices you have in place! Please let me know in the comments below!

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