How To Use A Manifestation Box To Attract Your Dream Life

Manifestation Box

If you’re into manifestation and the Law of Attraction and you want to attract your dream life, you have probably come across many different manifestation techniques. Since I discovered manifestation, I tried many different methods to manifest my desired reality. One of my all-time favorite methods is using a manifestation box

What is a manifestation box?

A manifestation box is essentially a box where you put your dreams to manifest written on a piece of paper. You may have heard the terms creation box, intention box, or wish box – which are all referring to this method. The idea behind manifesting with the manifestation box is to create a sacred space where you can put and store your manifestations over time. This is a symbolic connection between you and The Universe which is meant to turn the words and thoughts you store in there into a physical manifestation.

Think of your manifestation box like a spiritual post box where you put your dreams to manifest and spiritually mail them to The Universe! When you mail a letter to someone, you don’t call the post office every day to check if it arrived, right? Your manifestation box is meant to be a way for you to let go of your manifestations because you know you’ve already sent it to The Universe and it is now being delivered. 

How to use a manifestation box?

Your manifestation box can be any box! It can be anything from a paper box to a shoebox. I used a shoebox and wrapped it up in nice, colorful paper to create a neat, nice-looking manifestation box. Make sure to make it as pretty as possible, so that you feel inspired every time you look at it. You can also write a couple of motivational and inspirational affirmations on your box. Get creative and decorate it in whatever way vibes with you! 

What to put inside of your manifestation box?

There is no right or wrong way to use your manifestation box. It is meant to be something very personal, so everyone will have a different way of using it. The general idea is to write a letter of intent to The Universe, describing the dream life that you want to manifest as if you already had it. Apart from this, you can write each of the things you want to manifest on a separate piece of paper and put them inside of your box. You can also put in photos of what you want to manifest – for example, the new car you want to buy or the tropical beach you want to travel to. 

Crystals or any other spiritual objects that you have a special connection with are also something that you can put inside of your manifestation box. For example, putting certain crystals in your box will amplify the energy of your intentions inside the manifestation box. This can also increase the vibration of you to match with your intentions which in turn speed up the manifestation process.

Where to store your manifestation box?

Your manifestation box should overflow with positive vibes, abundance, and gratitude! Make sure to store it in a space where these energies can be amplified. Storing it under your bed may not be a good idea, but displaying it next to your crystals or putting it in your meditation space can help raise its frequency. 

How to write your letter of intent to The Universe? 

If you want to write a letter of intent to The Universe and store it in your manifestation box, there are a few things you need to take into consideration when writing one. First of all, your letter of intent should be written from a place of abundance, rather than lack. Avoid using statements such as “I need more money” or “I’m struggling to find love” and instead write it as if you already had it. You can say something like “Thank you Universe for sending me more and more money every single day.” Make sure to only use positive language and statements. 

Another thing to take into account when writing your letter of intent is to be very specific about how you want to feel. For example, If you want to manifest more money, rather than focusing on a specific amount of money, focus on how you want to feel. Focus on how this money makes you feel and that’s what you need to mention in your letter of intent. It’s the emotions, feelings, and beliefs that decide your reality at the moment, Not a number or any other words you have written.

If you want to attract a relationship, write down what this relationship looks like and how it makes you feel. Feel as much as you can about the new dream and write it down in your intention letter.

What are the benefits of using a manifestation box over other manifestation techniques? 

There are many different manifestation techniques and each person has their favorite method that works best for them. The manifestation box method is very similar to the vision board method, but unlike the vision board, it’s a set-and-forget type of method. You create it, you write your letter of intent, you put your manifestations inside of it, you store it away and forget all about it. 

If you’re struggling with letting go and surrendering to your manifestations, seeing your vision board every single day may make you ask yourself constantly why your manifestation is not yet here. This is why using a manifestation box may be the best method for you. Putting your desires in your manifestation box will make it easier for you to let go, as closing your box will make you feel as if you’ve done the work and The Universe is taking care of it.

A manifestation box is just one of many manifestation techniques that you can use to attract your dream life. This is a creative and fun method that will help you solidify your connection to The Universe, focus on your manifestations, and create a sacred space for your desires. However, it is not the right method for everyone! When manifesting your dream life, make sure to use the methods that work best for you and also to do the necessary work, as it is never a good idea to just set the intention and then completely forget all about it. Remember, The Universe is waiting for you to take the first step! 

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