How To Manifest your dream Car With the Law Of Attraction In Weeks

Manifest Your Dream Car With The Law Of Attraction In Weeks

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to attract your dream car with the Law of Attraction, the answer is yes! You can use the Law of Attraction to attract anything you desire, whether it’s something more abstract like love or something material like a car. We all dream about having our dream house, dream car or another object that we’d enjoy. You can manifest a car in weeks, no matter your current situation and how much money you currently have. 

This is because, in essence, everything is energy, and cars are no different. Every material object vibrates at a specific frequency. All you need to do is match the vibrational frequency of your dream car to attract it into your life. When you become the vibrational match to your desire, The Universe sets things into motion and opens a way for it to become yours. In this article, we will talk about six steps to Manifest Your Dream Car With The Law Of Attraction in weeks. 

 1. Figure out your why.

Why do you want to manifest a car? Being clear on your reasons is going to help you manifest your dream car faster! This is because we can only manifest things if we truly believe that we can. Do you want it to commute daily to work? Do you dream about long road trips with your special someone in your dream car? Or do you just love cars and want to be the lucky owner of a specific brand? 

Whatever your reason is, embrace it! Sometimes when we want to have some material object, especially an expensive one, we may feel ashamed or think superficial. You have the right to desire anything that you want! And you deserve to have it in your life, even if you just want it for your enjoyment. Accepting this will help you manifest your dream car faster, making you become aligned with that desire. 

 2. Get specific 

The next thing you need to do to Manifest Your Dream Car With The Law Of Attraction is to get very specific about what kind of car you want to attract. What brand is it? What kind of car is it? What color is it? Does it have any specific details you’d like? Being specific is very important if you want to successfully manifest your car! 

You may be asking yourself how much detail is too much. There’s no such thing as too much detail! Write down a list in your journal with all the things that you want your car to have. If you are not into cars and don’t know many specific technical details, you don’t have to include them! Just include the things about your car that are important to you. Also, don’t be afraid that including too many details means asking The Universe for the impossible or that you’re being too picky. There’s nothing impossible for The Universe!

3. Create a vision board

Once you have figured out your reasons for manifesting a car with the Law of Attraction and creating a list describing all the details you could think of about your dream car, the next step is to create a vision board. Search for images and pictures of your dream car on the internet, print them and pin them to your vision board. Then, put it somewhere where you can see it a couple of times a day.

Find the pictures and images that represent your dream car as closely as possible! You can also add some quotes or affirmations on your vision board. Come up with your own affirmation! It can be something like: “I am so grateful for this amazing [car brand] that I am now driving to work every day!”. If you want to get creative and have some Photoshop skills, you can create an image of driving that car. 

The idea behind this is to help you imagine how it would feel like to have your dream car. Seeing these images every day will trick your mind into believing that it’s already yours! And it will manifest faster. 

4. Visualize your dream car

Once you have your vision board and put it somewhere where you can see it, it’s time to start visualizing driving your dream car! This is a fun exercise that you can do multiple times a day.

All you need to do is imagine that you already have the car you want to manifest. How does it feel? What would you do with it? You can imagine how it feels to be driving this car to work and how your coworkers congratulate you on buying such a beautiful car. You can imagine going on a road trip with it and how amazing it would feel. Have fun with it and let yourself daydream about it with all your senses! 

5. Go shopping for your dream car 

The next thing you can do to Manifest Your Dream Car With The Law Of Attraction is to go shopping for it! If you don’t have the money to buy it, don’t worry! The idea behind this exercise is to make yourself feel as if you already had your car or as if you were on the brink of buying it.  

This is the most fun part! Start shopping for your car. Browse the internet and find the car that you’d love to buy. Then, go to the dealer that has it on sale and take it for a test drive. Touch it, feel it, imagine it parked in front of your house! Let yourself dream and play around with it!

5. Watch out for synchronicities 

When your manifestation is near, The Universe will start sending you signs. Sometimes, it will send you magical synchronicities to push you into taking a specific action that may bring you one step closer to your manifestation.

For example, you may receive a random call from a friend inviting you to participate in a giveaway which turns out to be for the exact car that you’re trying to manifest. Or you may receive an opportunity to work at a different company for a higher salary. This company may also end up offering you a company car that is exactly like the one you wanted to manifest.

Be open to these happy coincidences! Trust your intuition. It will guide you and tell you what the next step is!


If you want to Manifest Your Dream Car With The Law Of Attraction, these are the steps to follow! Don’t worry about how that car is going to come to you. The Universe will take of that! All you need to do to manifest your dream car is to know what car you want to attract, visualize it and stay open to any opportunities that might bring you closer to receiving that manifestation. 

What is your dream car that you want to manifest? Tell us about it in the comments of this article!

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