5 Steps To Make Your Wish Come True With The Law Of Attraction

Make Your Wish Come True

If you landed on this blog, the chances are that not so long ago, you’ve discovered that you have the power to create your reality. Maybe you’re now wondering how to make it happen. Maybe you’re asking yourself how to make a wish come true so that you can finally live the reality you’ve always wanted to live. 

When I first discovered the Law of Attraction, I was blown away by the idea that I was the creator of my reality. Because if I’m the creator, it means that I can rewrite the things that I’m not happy about. It means that I can make all my wishes come true! And the good news is that manifesting your wishes into reality is completely possible. The not-so-good news, however, is that manifestation takes time and effort. 

In this article, I will share with your five steps to help you make a wish come true with the Law of Attraction.

How does manifestation work? 

Before we talk about making a wish come true, let’s start by clarifying how manifestation works. 

Manifestation is using the power you hold to attract things into your life. That power lies in the sum of your thoughts, your beliefs, and everything else that creates your energetic field. 

Your energy is responsible for the things you attract into your life, whether it is something that you wished for or something you didn’t want to happen. The Law of Vibration states that everything is energy. Everything vibrates at a certain frequency. Therefore, your vibrational state is the sum of all the vibrations you put out there through your thoughts, beliefs, words, decisions, and actions. To make a wish come true with the power of manifestation, you need to become aware of your vibrational frequency and raise it to match the frequency of your wish.

Steps to make a wish come true with the Law of Attraction.

We all have that one specific wish we’d love to see come true! If you want to make a wish come true using the Law of Attraction, here are five steps to follow. 

Step 1: Be specific 

When trying to manifest something, be sure to be very specific about what you want. One of the main mistakes a lot of people make when manifesting their desires is being too generic. The Universe loves details! If you want to make a wish come true, write down what it is in as much detail as you can. 

For example, if you want to manifest a new relationship, write down how you want this relationship to look. How do you wish your partner to be like? How do you want them to treat you? How do you want this relationship to make you feel? The clearer you are on the specifics, the easier it will be for The Universe to get you exactly what you want! 

Step 2: Focus your energy on your wish. 

The first time I ever made a wish come true felt almost magical. I really wanted this wish to come true. At that time, I didn’t know what manifestation of the Law of Attraction was. But I felt that if I channeled all my energy into that wish, it would come true. And it did! 

We are energy. Everything is energy. Energy can be moved and transmuted. This means that you can channel that energy into The Universe and have it come back to you in the form of your wish. You can do that through meditation and breathing exercises. 

While doing that, pay attention to the energy you’re putting out into The Universe. If it comes from lack and scarcity, it will come back to you in the form of lack and scarcity. If it comes from a needy place, it will probably just get blocked along the way. Remember that whatever we focus on, we attract. When you’re trying to channel your energy into your wish, make sure that your energy is clean. Make sure that it comes from a place of joy and peace, rather than neediness, attachment, or any other low vibrational emotion. 

Step 3: Visualize your wish coming true. 

The next step to make a wish come true with the Law of Attraction is to visualize it. Visualization is as simple as imagining yourself receiving your wish. You can do that through meditation or any manifestation methods that you resonate with. You can also visualize every day while lying in bed before falling asleep. That’s my favorite way of visualizing, and I recommend you to do it every single night. 

Visualize yourself receiving your wish in as much detail as possible. Imagine how it would make you feel if you already had it, and let yourself cherish that feeling. Doing that will help you raise your frequency to match the frequency of your wish with more ease. 

Step 4: Let it go 

The following step to make a wish come true is to let it go. This concept might sound counterintuitive, but it is a very important step. To make a wish come true, you need to let it go. 

Many people have difficulty letting their wish go because they think letting go means forgetting about this wish or not wanting it anymore. Letting go is not about not wanting what you’re manifesting. Letting go is about fully trusting that your desire is already on its way and detaching from the need to control how it arrives. Letting go means that you put your trust into The Universe, and you know that your wish will somehow manifest in your life without feeling impatient, frustrated, or angry that it is not here yet. 

Step 5: Raise your frequency. 

The last step to make a wish come true is raising your frequency. We attract the things that we are a vibrational match for. Raising your vibrational frequency will help you attract anything you want much faster because you become a match for many incredible things when you vibrate at a very higher frequency. Meditating, taking care of yourself, making things you enjoy and love, spending time in nature are all simple things that will increase your vibration. 

To Sum It Up

It might sound like a cheesy phrase from a fairytale, but you can make any wish come true. If you feel it, think it, and believe it, you can manifest anything you desire. Depending on the wish and your current vibrational energy, it can manifest instantly, or it can take time to manifest. Be realistic about it! 

If your wish is to make a million dollars, it will take a while to manifest, and you will have to take action that will lead you towards making this dream come true. But, most of the time, your wish will take time to manifest. So be patient and trust that it is already on its way!

Have you made a wish come true using the Law of Attraction? Tell us about your experience in the comments of this article!

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