How to make your own money mantra and make it work for you

Money Mantra

Money mantras are hot right now because they work! When you find a short and catchy phrase to repeat to yourself—and the Universe—it can help you shift bad habits and thought patterns, attract money, find opportunities, and build true and lasting wealth. 

Money mantras can even help to rewire your brain for success.

And making your own money mantra can actually amplify the power of the money mantra because your mantra is supercharged with your desires and feelings. In this post, I’ll tell you how to make your own mantra and make it work for you.

What is a money mantra, anyway?

A money mantra is a short and powerful phrase you can repeat throughout the day that is designed to help you keep your thoughts and energy focused on attracting more money into your reality. 

Money mantras help you shift your thought patterns and beliefs about money, opportunity, and your own ability to work with and accumulate wealth.

How do money mantras work? 

When you repeat a positive statement over and over again, in the present form (I am wealthy. I manage my money well. I make wise investments), it can actually trick your brain into believing the statement is true—so your conscious and subconscious minds will work together to make sure what you are saying is actually your reality.

You can use mantras to change your thoughts from, “I am horrible at budgeting,” to “I am excellent at making a realistic budget and sticking with it.” Or you can replace a thought like “I’ll never be successful as an entrepreneur,” with something like, “I am successful at any endeavor I set my mind to.” You can even change a thought like, “I make horrible decisions about money,” to “I always spend money wisely and make good decisions about spending and saving money.”

When you repeat these positive statements over and over again to yourself, you start to believe them! 

Instead of allowing yourself to make bad decisions or give up on budgeting, using mantras will help you remind yourself to practice the habits and characteristics you truly want to have.

And “truly want to have” is the key to making your personal mantra more powerful and why your own money mantra will work better for you than a generic mantra you find on the internet.

Why is a personal money mantra more powerful?

When you are working on manifesting anything, the Universe is tapped into your soul’s true desires. If you really don’t want what you are working toward, the Universe recognizes that lack of desire—or even repulsion—and keeps the things you really don’t want away. 

Or it brings the things you ask for to you and you either reject them, destroy them, or take them on and end up being completely unhappy.

The Universe is tapped into your truth.

When you really, totally want something, it feels different when you think about it. Instead of feeling resistance, you feel at ease. Instead of feeling unsure, you feel certain. Instead of feeling blocked, you feel ready to climb any wall or obstacle that gets between you and what you truly desire. Am I right?

So, making your own individual and unique mantra that is directly connected to the things that make your heart sing and your energy flow will be more powerful than just using any generic mantra you find online.

You’ll be much more connected to a personalized money mantra. It will make more sense to you. A personal mantra will tap into your psyche in a way that someone else’s money mantra won’t.

Of course, some mantras are universal, like: “Money is a neutral force,” instead of, “Money is the root of all evil,” or, “People who have lots of money can be kind and generous,” instead of “ABAB” (All Billionaires Are Bastards), and so on. You can use these universal money mantras, especially if you have to change your mindset regarding the characteristics of wealthy people.

How do you make your own money mantra?

When you are working on creating your own money mantra, it’s important to tap into your honest desires, your strengths and weaknesses, and what your goals and ambitions are. As I mentioned above, you want to tap into the energy of what truly excites you and not just repeat generic money mantras for the sake of working with a money mantra. You want to focus on things you really want to change and not on things that don’t matter to you.

If you want to work on sticking to a budget, make a mantra that directly speaks to sticking to a budget. If you want to have opportunities at different companies that offer better pay rates and more growth opportunities, make a mantra that focuses on attracting offers from excellent companies with excellent pay and endless opportunity for advancement.

When making your personal money mantra:

  1. Be specific. The Universe LOVES specific information and so does your subconscious mind. When you say, “I am awesome at staying in my budget and I make strong financial decisions,” it’s better than, “I am good with money.”
  2. Be open to what the Universe brings. OK. So while you want to be as specific as possible, you still want to leave some room for the Universe to surprise you. Instead of focusing on one company or job, focus on that job or better. So, “I am the CEO of the most awesome company in the world and my salary is $26 million a year or better…”
  3. Make your personal money mantra easy to remember. You might try very simple statements or even make your mantra rhyme so you can repeat it while you are working out, on the subway, or even when waiting for your friends to meet you. The easier it is for you to remember, the easier it is for your subconscious mind to hold onto.

Personally, I work with a few personalized money mantras designed to fit my specific desires, which makes them more powerful because I connect with these mantras with my whole spirit every time I say them. I want to make them come true with every ounce of my being. 

That level of desire and connection is the key to powerful money manifesting mantra. 

A couple of things to remember when working with your personal money mantra

It’s important to remember that your money mantras are a part of a well-rounded money manifestation practice. You will need to do real-world work too, meaning that you’ll need to adjust your spending habits, invest wisely, keep going to work, and keep your resume updated if you are looking to level up. 

Money mantras can shift energy and attract miracles, but you need to meet the Universe halfway and when you work with your money mantra. 

And, while money mantras can start working really fast, good things can take time— especially when you are working on building your wealth. 

When you start working with your personal money mantra, money and opportunities might start showing up right away, or it might take a while to start attracting opportunities and revenue streams into your life. 

Just keep going with repeating your money mantra, keep doing the real-world work, and keep the faith. 

And feel free to adjust your money mantra if you find your desires shifting. That will keep it fresh and help it to be much more magnetic. 

To Sum It Up

Working with money mantras is a powerful way to attract wealth into your life, practice better habits regarding money, and manifest new financial and business opportunities. Because the Universe reads your authentic energy and desires, creating personalized mantras specific to your wants and needs will make your mantras much more potent. 

When you connect with a well-known mantra, it’s OK to use it, especially if it relates to changing your money mindset. Ultimately, though, the more connected you feel to a mantra, the more magnetic it will be.

Do you have a personal money mantra that has worked wonders for you? If so, please share it in the comments below!

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