Beginners guide to learning numerology

Beginners Guide To Learning Numerology

Numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth. -St. Augustine of Hippo

Numerology is an ages-old mystical practice of working with numbers as symbols. 

There are several different schools of numerology. Each school interprets the numbers differently. Some of the differences are subtle, while others are more profound.

When you use numerology, you can look at a natural number, like 432 or 6878. You might also assign a number value to an individual letter and then add the numbers to reveal a message. Or you can use placement to give meaning to an object, like the third house on the street, for example. 

Other factors, like naturally occurring sequences—1234, for example—or repeating numbers like 444, also impact the meaning of a number. And there are “Master Numbers” in numerology, like 11, 22, and 33, that have a special meaning.

It’s a good idea to check out a few different ways of interpreting numbers to find one that works for you. There are many websites and books, like A Little Bit Of Numerology by Novalee Wilder, you can use to learn numerology, as well as apps that help you calculate meanings of names, ideas, and the like. 

The basics of numerology

Interpreting numerological meanings is based on the interpretation of each single-digit number. So, the natural numbers of 0-9 are most important. 

When you look at a number with two or more digits, you want to calculate the single-digit value of the number to interpret its meaning. So, 2960 becomes 2 + 9 + 6 + 0 or 17, then 1+7 = 8. 

When you have a single digit, you use that number to interpret the message. 

Basic numerology meanings of numbers 0-9


The meaning of the number zero is a mystery. It can be everything, or it can be nothing. However, if you think about the placement of zero on a number line, it holds the space between positive and negative. 


The meaning of number one is related to beginnings, the start, and taking a step in a positive direction. It is individual and contains everything it needs to be whole. One is unique and positive. 


The meaning of number two relates to duality, couples, pairs, and relationships. Two combine two separate beings or items into one. Two can be conflict or agreement, opposites, or things that are alike. 


The meaning of the number three can represent teams and families. There is also a feeling of establishing a hierarchy with three (think triangle). Topics like nurturing, support, and guidance are all linked to number three. The number three also represents giving birth, either literally or figuratively.


The meaning of number four relates to security. It is almost a masculine number, with assertiveness and leadership tied into the interpretation as well. It represents an organization, security, and often the peaceful feeling of having everything in order. 


The meaning of the number five can be very dependent on the situation you are facing. On the one hand, five is very adventurous and loves to do new things. But number five is at the tip of the iceberg and can either slide backward or forward, depending on the energy shifts around it. Five can be competitive. It is also a number associated with groups and socialization.


The meaning of the number six is peaceful and reflective. Six has gotten through rough times and has learned its lessons. Themes like public recognition for a job well done, finally putting the past behind you, and even a bit of nostalgia linked to the number six. Six also indicates making choices—either adhering to tradition or choosing what you truly desire.


The meaning of the number seven revolves around self-control, mastery, and directing your life in a particular way. Seven might mean you need to pause before rushing off toward some goal to make sure if that goal is right for you. Seven is also one of the luckiest numbers in numerology. You can read about it in this article: Angel Number 777 Meaning.


The meaning of the number eight is tied to balance and justice. Eight knows the value of hard work and effort and is willing to put the time in to be truly successful. The number eight can also indicate that you need to honestly evaluate your life and make changes based on what you feel and want most for yourself.


The meaning of the number nine relates to finding your internal light and guidance. On the other hand, it can point to nearing the end of a project or phase in life. Nine looks inward for wisdom and is at a point where it can share that wisdom with the world around. Nine can also be a wishing number!

The meaning of the number 10

Ten is a special number. It combines a new start or beginning with endless possibilities. The meaning of 10 relates to making choices about how you want to move forward and throws a little bit of the direction of Fate into the mix. 

Master Numbers

As mentioned above, some numbers are significant in themselves, like 11, 22, and 33. Numbers like these have a special meaning associated with them, as well as their single-digit interpretation.

Master Numbers can be intense. Because they indicate a more spiritual mission than the other numbers, they might mean high highs and low lows.


Eleven represents that tap of inspiration that comes directly to a person from the Divine. So if you see Master Number 11 come up, it is an indication to start visualizing what you truly desire so that you can make shifts in your life—and the world. 


Master Number 22 takes the energy of 11 to the next level. Where eleven was the inspiration, Master Number 22 means the work is starting to happen, even behind the scenes or laying the foundations. So if you see Master Number 22 often, think about what you need to build or create that will positively impact the world around you—and start working on it!


The meaning of Master Number 33 relates to the Ascended Masters or those who actively helped change and guide the world. Figures like Jesus Christ, the Buddha, and St. Germaine are associated with Master Number 33. If you start to see Master Number 33 more often, start sharing your spiritual journey with anyone interested. Your example will help change the world. 

Other interesting aspects of numerology

When working with the numerological meaning of a number, there are other factors to consider. 

Natural Sequences

When a number is a natural sequence, like 1234 or 9876, you can note that something is growing or rolling backward. For example, number 1234 can represent a need to take one step at a time, focusing on mastering each step along the way. As a result, it will help the project be sturdier and more stable. 

On the other hand, 9876 might show a lack of progress or the need to return to an earlier phase or part of a project to better it. 

The meaning of the whole number will depend on the first and last number in the sequence. So, a number starting with three might be related to a team or a project that came to life. If the number ends in one (321), you might need to go back to the drawing board. If the number ends in six (3456), you might go through project management or pushing the project to a place where you feel good about the outcome and finally receive recognition for your hard work. Check out the single-digit explanations for more detail about what sequential numbers mean. 

Mirrored Numbers

Mirrored numbers, like 1001 or 3443, have a unique meaning. So when you see a mirror reflection of a number, note what numbers are reflected and what those numbers mean.

These might be the energy of seeing what’s inside you, reflecting your problems onto others, or a kind of start-stop-start energy. 

Repetitive Numbers

Repetitive numbers, like 444 and 1111, are often seen as signs from the angels. Repetition of a number amplifies the energy of its message.

For example, while an individual four might be peaceful, 444 is simple bliss. 

Some repetitive numbers have special meanings assigned to them like 333 is related to the Ascended Masters even more than 33. 

We are exploring some of the repetitive numbers on this blog. Have a look at these articles for more information.

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Learning numerology can feel a bit complex, especially when you consider things like repetitive and sequential numbers. But numerology is a fun and easy way to get messages from your spirit guides and angels. When learning numerology, consider individual numbers and the real number, especially a Master Number, a repetitive number, a sequence, or a mirror. 

Do you have any great stories about numbers coming up again and again in your life? Have you studied numerology? Let me know in the comments below!

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