Law Of Detachment: Attract What You Want By Letting Go

Law Of Detachment Attract What You Want By Letting Go

The concept of the Law of Attraction has become more and more popular in recent years, and more and more people decide to start practicing it. However, the Law of Attraction is only one of the twelve laws that rule The Universe. What most people don’t realize is that to manifest everything they desire, it is necessary to follow and implement all of the laws of the Universe and now just the Law of Attraction. 

The Law of Attraction, the Law of Vibration, and the Law of Detachment are probably the most important laws to apply if you want to attract your desires into your life. This article will talk about the Law of Detachment and how to attract what you want by letting go. 

What is the Law of Detachment? 

Let’s start by explaining what the Law of Detachment is. When we apply the Law of Attraction, we focus on manifesting what we want to attract into our lives. We use different manifestation techniques such as visualizing or scripting, we journal, and we repeat affirmations. These are all very important actions to take if you want to manifest your desires into your life. 

However, another part of manifesting is letting go. This is often the most overlooked part of the process. This is because most people don’t understand what letting go means and detach from the outcome. This is what the Law of Detachment is all about. The Law of Detachment states that we must detach from the outcome and the process to attract what we want into our physical reality. In other words, we must let our desire go. 

The Law of Detachment is probably the most challenging law to apply because letting go often misunderstood. Most people find it hard to let go of their desires because they think letting go means not wanting what they manifest anymore. This is not true. Letting go means detach from the outcome and the process; only by doing that will you be able to manifest anything that you desire into your life. 

Why is it important to apply the law of detachment to attract what you want? 

Remember that as per the Law of Attraction, we attract whatever we focus on the most. When you truly want something, and you have a very deep desire to have it, you often end up focusing on the need to have it. When we focus on the need to get something, we focus on the lack of having it. And when we focus on the lack of having something, we attract more lack. This is why “letting go” is essential to attract anything that you desire! When you let go, your energy shifts. When you let go, you no longer focus on the need or lack of what you’re trying to manifest. 

How to attract what you want by letting go?

So now that you know what the Law of Detachment is and why it is so important to let go of your desires to attract them, you’re probably asking yourself how to let go. You need to follow four steps to apply the Law of Detachment and attract what you want by letting go. Let’s explore them.

Step 1: Detach from the outcome. 

The first step of letting go is detaching from the outcome. Remember that detaching from the outcome doesn’t mean you should no longer wish for what you’ve been trying to manifest. Instead, detaching from the outcome means trusting that your desire is on its way. People often find it hard to detach from the outcome because they tend to doubt whether they can really manifest their desire. However, whenever you doubt, you are just pushing it further away and blocking your desire from manifesting! Even though it may seem counterintuitive, this is why letting go of the outcome is the key to attracting your desire faster. 

Step 2: Detach from the how

The next step in the detachment process is to detach from the how. This may be particularly challenging if you’re someone who feels the need to control everything. Detaching from the how means sending your intention to The Universe and trusting that it will manifest perfectly. In addition, it means trusting that The Universe will guide you in the right direction towards your manifestation, even if you don’t see how you can get there or if things are not going according to your plan. Finally, detaching from the how means taking inspired action and following your intention while trusting that you’re heading in the right direction. 

Step 3: Detach from your current circumstances. 

Another part of the detachment process is detaching from your current circumstances. One of the main challenges people face when manifesting their desires into their physical reality is to see proof that their manifestation is on its way. In other words, they need to see proof of their reality changing before they can believe that it can really change. This is a vicious cycle, and it blocks your desires from manifesting. Detaching from your current circumstances means believing that they can change, even if you don’t see any proof of them changing just yet. 

Step 4: Detach from negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. 

The last thing you need to do to attract what you want by letting go is detaching from negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. Your thoughts and beliefs vibrate at a specific frequency. You keep your vibration low by thinking negative thoughts, and therefore, you are not an energetic match to what you’re trying to manifest.

The same thing happens with limiting beliefs. The key to manifesting whatever you want is to believe that you can! If you have limiting beliefs about your desire, you will keep pushing it further away instead of attracting it into your physical reality. This is why if you want to attract your desires, you need to detach from negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that are blocking you from manifesting what you want. 


Applying the Law of Attraction and the Law of Detachment is essential to manifest your desires into your physical reality. However, the Law of Attraction cannot work without the Law of Detachment! For example, suppose you have only been implementing manifestation techniques but haven’t learned how to detach from the outcome, detach from the how, and detach from your current circumstances and limiting beliefs. In that case, you may be blocking your manifestations from coming to you. 

Do you have any questions about letting go? Then, let us know in the comments of this article!

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