How do You Know If Your Manifestation Is Working? 5 Easy ways


It is easy to get impatient when you are trying to manifest your desires into your life. You want everything NOW, right? Why else would you be working on manifesting in the first place? So how do you know if the Law of Attraction is working and the things you’ve asked for are on their way to you? Here are five ways to know your manifestation is working on bringing everything your heart desires.

You start seeing the things you asked for 

One of the first signs that your manifestation is working is that you start to see things you asked for more frequently. For example, you might see the same make, model, and color of the car you are working on manifesting driving down the road more often. Or you might see happy couples pushing baby carriages if you are working on manifesting a loving and happy family for yourself.

It is important to acknowledge these signs that your manifestation is working. For example, when you see a person getting a raise like you wanted or hanging out with their new lover, let their feelings of success and fulfillment fill you with gratitude instead of jealousy. 

When you are grateful, the Universe notices your thankful attitude and gives you more to be grateful for. When you are jealous, though, the Universe might send more for you to be jealous about.

It is always good to remember that the Universe will respond to your energy. So keep your vibe high and focus on attracting what you want into your life, not what you don’t want! That is one of the keys to working with the Law of Attraction.

The things you don’t want start leaving your life

This point might be hard to deal with or cause stress. However, when your manifestation starts to work, the things that need to leave in your life will start disappearing.

If you are working on manifesting a better-paying job, for example, you might end up getting laid off from your current position. This change might be necessary for your manifestation to work, even if it is a bit shocking or stressful at first. 

If you already have a job, you might not have the time or energy to find a new job. If you are always busy working during office hours, you don’t have time to interview. Or you might worry about losing out on the comfort and security you have in your current position. So, losing your job might be the push you need to make time and energy to pursue other career options and get a better-paying job.

The same idea applies to everything from manifesting a romantic relationship to manifesting a new car. Getting rid of the old relationship or car might seem a little bit scary, but you need to get rid of the old to make space for something new to come into your life.

Try not to freak out or hang onto things that are not working out for you, either. Instead, let them go with gratitude and have faith that the perfect replacement is on its way. 

TIP: This works wonders with your material possessions. If you want more money or material things, start getting rid of anything you don’t use, and toss items that are broken or outdated. When you make space in the material realm, you will attract abundance into your life!

People start to view you differently when your manifestations are working.

YOU start to become more magnetic and attractive when your manifestation practice is working. This is because the magical shifts take place within you and in the world around you as well.

People might suddenly start being nicer to you when your manifestation is working. You might start getting opportunities from people, seemingly out of the clear blue.

You might consider this to be more of a lucky coincidence. Or you might think because you are focusing on the positive, you are more upbeat and attractive. But it is the Law of Attraction working in your field! It is a sign that your manifestation is working.

You start seeing repetitive numbers, especially 111 or 1111

Some numbers are special signs that your manifestation practice is working. Angel numbers 111 and 1111 link to manifestation. They let you know that what you want is making its way to you. 

You might see number 111 or 1111 on the clock more frequently, or you might pass a few cars with license plates that have repetitive numbers on them. 

If you start seeing 111 or 1111, you know the Universe has heard your request, and you will manifest your desires shortly. 

You Experience Increased Synchronicity

When your manifestation is working, you might experience a lot more synchronicity in your life. For example, you might be thinking of a specific song you love and then tune into it on the radio or in the grocery store. Or you might think of a friend of yours and then get a text message or call from that person.

When you are working with manifestation, you start to vibe on a different level. Your thoughts start to become things. So, if you think about something, it will appear in your field. 

Synchronicity works in mysterious ways, though, and it might take a while for your manifestation to come to you. So it is vital to listen to your gut and follow up with the people and ideas that bring you the most joy and satisfaction. Those people and ideas might end up being catalysts for your dreams!


Even if it takes a little while for you to manifest the exact things you want into your life, the Universe will start sending you signs that your manifestation is working. These signs can be as simple as seeing the type of car or relationship you want or even seeing the number 1111 as a sign from the Universe. You need to acknowledge those signs and be grateful, even if you must wait a little longer for what you want to arrive. Your gratitude will raise your vibration and help your manifestation practice be more successful.

Do you work on the manifestation? Do you have any special signs that come up to let you know that your manifestation is working? Please share your story in the comments below!

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