How Do you Know If you’re Using The Law Of Attraction Properly?

How Do You Know If You're Using The Law Of Attraction Properly

Working with the Law of Attraction is something of an art. Once you learn the key principles and techniques, it is really easy. At first, you might worry that your manifestation efforts are not working, especially if you think the Law of Attraction works like a magic genie: You ask and POOF, the Universe instantly grants your wish. If you are asking yourself the question, “How do I know if I’m using the Law of Attraction properly,” this post is for you.

Keeping your vibe high while you wait for the Universe to send that fat check or new love can be difficult. It’s easy to get impatient while internal and external energetic shifts take place, and everything gets into alignment for you. It would help if you kept the faith, though. Sometimes the Law of Attraction takes time.

Remember, too, that everything comes in DIVINE TIME. That is a little different from Earth time, which can be frustrating to deal with. Just keep the faith and know that you will receive exactly what you want in due time.

When you wait for your desires to show up in your life, you can look for clues from the Universe that diligently work on your requests. Here are five signs you are using the Law of Attraction properly.

How Do you Know If you’re Using The Law Of Attraction Properly?

  1. You feel certain that what you want is on its way to you. When you feel like your desires are coming into your life, that is a sign that they truly are. Keep focusing on that faith and trust that you are definitely using the Law of Attraction properly. It will add extra power to your manifestation.
  2. You start noticing others getting what you want. This might feel a bit mean. When you are working on manifesting something, you will notice it in your field. If you are using the Law of Attraction to manifest a new love, for example, you might notice all of your friends finding new partners. Similarly, if you want to manifest a new job, you might see your friends and family members taking new career opportunities.
  3. You see repetitive numbers more frequently, like 1111. Repetitive numbers—especially 111 and 1111 are signs that the Law of Attraction is working for you. You might look at the clock at exactly 11:11 more often or see repetitive numbers on license plates you pass, on receipts, or even in addresses and phone numbers. Seeing 1111 indicates that the Universe is working on your behalf, and you should keep the faith.
  4. You start seeing lucky signs, like rainbows, ladybugs, and horseshoes. When you are using the Law of Attraction properly, you will start seeing signs from the Universe. These clues reaffirm the idea that you are, in fact, a lucky person, and you can manifest anything you desire. Lucky symbols often show up shortly before you manifest what you want. 
  5. You notice people are much nicer to you, and you feel more attractive. The Law of Attraction is all about magnetism and attraction. So, when you are using the Law of Attraction correctly, you will start to send out an energy that people respond positively to. Babies might smile at you a lot more, or animals might be extra cuddly with you. The shifts in energy you create within and around yourself with the Law of Attraction directly relate to this appeal.
  6. Speaking of attraction, when the Law of Attraction is working for you, you might start receiving gifts or freebies out of the clear blue. Your energy will be vibing so high, you might start getting a comped dessert from your favorite restaurant or unexpected gifts from friends who “were just thinking of you.” When the Law of Attraction works, it affects all areas of your life, not just the area you are setting intentions for. Don’t turn down these gifts. Open up to receive from the Universe.
  7. You don’t worry about specific details. You focus on what you want and allow the Universe to decide how it brings it to you. Far too often, people throw the Law of Attraction off by trying to control the Universe. When you use the Law of Attraction properly, you understand that the Universe works in mysterious ways and leave a clear path for what you want to come to you in the way it does. 
  8. Things in your life get easier. This is another fun by-product of working with the Law of Attraction. When you get into the Vortex, as Abraham Hicks calls it, life just feels simpler and better. When you are in alignment and focusing on gratitude and the positive side of life, the quality of your life changes. 
  9. You are happier. Seriously. The Universe will respond to your gratitude and positive energy by filling your life with reasons to be content. This is one of the key indications that you are using the Law of Attraction correctly. 

When you use the Law of Attraction properly, the Universe will start sending definite signs to let you know that you are on the right path. You need to notice these hints. Express gratitude toward the Universe for letting you know your efforts are working, too—that can help supercharge your manifestation practices and bring your desires to you more quickly.

Final thoughts

As you can see, when you are using the Law of Attraction properly, your life will change for the better on every level. Focusing on high-vibe feelings like gratitude, love, and happiness creates a ripple effect that spreads into all areas of your life. This energy fuels your manifestation practice and works to draw your desires to you. It also makes your life happier and more fulfilling from top to bottom.

Have you ever wondered if you were using the Law of Attraction properly? What signs did you get from the Universe that showed you that the Law of Attraction was working?

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