4 Ways To Take Inspired Action To Manifest Your Dream

Inspired action

Have you been wondering what is the difference between the manifestations that come through easily into your life and those that don’t? The difference is usually taking action. The action that you have to take to manifest your dream faster is called inspired action.

So, what is inspired action? 

An inspired action is an action based on an internal nudge that pushes you to do something. Have you noticed that a lot of times you get thoughts or ideas completely out of the blue? These random thoughts or ideas are little nudges from The Universe pushing to take a certain step that will bring you closer to your manifestation, even though you don’t see it yet. 

An inspired action is a key to manifestation

The Law of Attraction says that we attract things that are a vibrational match to our frequency. Therefore, if you want to attract something into your life, all you need to do is to elevate your frequency to become the vibrational match to what you want to attract: love, money, success, a new car, whatever it might be. Every time you take inspired action, it elevates your frequency and helps you become a match for what you’re trying to manifest. Your energy flows at all times, which is why the only way to elevate it is by moving it and transmuting it. You can achieve that by taking inspired action that will bring you closer to your desired reality.

 4 ways to take inspired action to manifest your reality

So, without further ado, let’s discuss how we can take inspired action and attract our dream faster and how to differentiate inspired action from random actions which can lead to our dream path.

1. Take Inspired Action Based On Your Intuitive Hunches:

Oftentimes, inspired action is a sudden urge or desire to do something based on an intuitive hunch, thought, or idea. This can be directly related to your manifestation or seem to be completely irrelevant! This action, even though it may seem very insignificant at the moment, can lead you one step closer to manifesting what you desire. Most people tend to ignore these intuitive hunches, ideas, or desires because they don’t believe that they can lead anywhere. This is why most people miss the opportunities that The Universe is trying to throw their way! 

An example of inspired action:

If you’ve been trying to manifest a new job, you may get a sudden urge to call an old friend who you haven’t spoken to in a while. You end up going out for a coffee with this friend and it turns out that the company they are working for is looking for someone with your qualifications. They set up an interview for you and you end up getting the job!

But if you didn’t take action by calling you, thinking I haven’t called him for a long time, what might he thinks and you decided I will call him when I am ready, You know all of these cannot happen and you miss a job opportunity. 

2. Listen To The Hidden Messages From The Universe 

Sometimes, an inspired action can come from a hidden message from The Universe. These messages usually come in the form of random thoughts, something you heard in a song or a movie, something you dreamt about, something you’ve been hearing people talk about all week. We are very quick to dismiss these things and consider them to be irrelevant, while in fact, these are the messages The Universe is sending your way to steer you in the right direction and push you to take inspired action. 

How to know which message to follow?

Not everything that you see or hear is a hidden message that is supposed to lead you to take inspired action. To hear the messages that are meant for you, you need to open up to them and connect to your higher self. This often means honoring your desires as much as you can! Even the smallest thing, such as taking a bubble bath when you’re feeling tired just because you feel like having one or going to the cinema by yourself just because you wanted to, will help you anchor yourself in the present moment and get more in touch with your higher self. Once you hear a message that is meant for you, you’ll know!

3. Take Inspired Action Based On Your Emotions

Being in touch with your emotions and understanding them on a deeper level is another thing that will lead you to take inspired action. Most people don’t pay attention to the deeper meaning of their own emotions, because they get too caught up in the surface level and don’t allow themselves to dive deeper. When you start paying attention to what you really feel, you start to notice more things about yourself and your reality. Your emotions are what helps you determine what you want and don’t want in your life.

Let your emotions guide you to take inspired action.

Taking inspired action is all about following your positive emotions. Pay attention to what you’re feeling and the reason why you’re feeling it. If something doesn’t feel good, it is not for you and it will not lead you in the right direction. Inspired action only comes from a place of well-being and honoring your desires. 

4. Don’t Hesitate To Take Inspired Action, Even If It Seems Crazy

Taking inspired action is all about following your intuitive pulls. It does not always need to be logical. In fact, the most illogical decisions in my life were the ones that brought me ten steps closer to the reality I wanted to manifest!

An inspired action may seem crazy at first. 

Most people don’t make intuitive decisions in their lives, because those decisions, more often than not, are completely illogical. Quit your job without having another one lined up. Leave everything behind and buy a one-way plane ticket to the Caribbean. Invest into your new business, even though you have no idea if it will work out. These are the type of inspired actions that your intuition will push you towards – the ones that seem completely crazy to most people around you. 

Taking inspired action is the best way to manifest your dream reality! Following your intuition, honoring your desires, living in the present moment, and paying attention to hidden messages from The Universe will steer you towards the right path to your manifestation in the most magical way! 

What inspired action have you taken in your life? Share it in the comments so that others will get inspired to action as well.

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