How To Channel Energy: Become An Expert Within A Week.

How To Channel Energy The Ultimate Guide

When talking about energy, most of us will think about the energy we come across in our daily lives. The energy that helps us live this civilized life we live in, like electricity, mechanical energy, nuclear energy, and all. But, although those energies are potent and extraordinary, there is one unique and mind-blowing kind of energy that you can say is far superior to the traditional energy we know.

The energy that can think and are conscious can create anything they want and bend to make anything possible. It is extremely rare and costly for those who don’t know its presence and only serves these people to maintain their life. For those who know its presence, it’s abundant and readily available to anything they need assistance with. They use it to create everything they want in their life; Whether it’s healing, wealth, peace, happiness, creativity, you name it. This conscious energy is that powerful.

I am sure this energy is the answer to all your questions, your struggle, and that void in your life. This energy, as confusing as it is, is known by many names. Some called it chi, while others called it reiki, the law of attraction energy, the secret energy, Universal energy, and some called it the GOD.

Whatever name you chose, there is a strong presence that you can feel if you are willing to accept.

This post will show you how to channel energy into your life, feel its presence, and guide you on using this powerful life force energy.

This energy I am talking about, the life force energy, is present everywhere. It is the one common factor between everything we know and everything unknown. It is present throughout the universe; it creates our aura energy (the energy-filled around our body). It passes through you and everything there is, mobile or immobile. It creates a connection between us and everything around us.


That’s a lot of vague intros.

Just be present, and everything will unfold, and be clear as it is.

Channeling Life force energy naturally.

I have mentioned this energy as life force energy. It’s because this energy is the energy that helps us live a healthy life. Let me explain

The food we eat is broken down into energy for our daily requirements. Do you think that’s the only energy we require? For example, what would happen if we didn’t sleep for an entire day. If you continue not sleeping, you will be dreadful and feel like a zombie in about three days. So why is sleep even required? What happens when we sleep?

It is said that during sleep, our conscious mind is shut down, which means all inhibition towards our natural power is shut down. As a result, natural energy, the life force energy, passes through your body efficiently and effectively, helping to replenish the energy required for the next day.

sleep channel your energy

Sleep helps us to align ourselves to the life force energy and receive them abundantly. That’s why most of us are feeling refreshed with a night of good sleep. But, on the other hand, those who have insomnia always complain of tiredness and can’t finish their day well. What do you think is the reason for that?

So sleep is a way of connecting us to nature and the unknown. What else is there?

Meditation is the other way people have found to connect with nature’s energy. While meditating, we are trying to remove all the inhibitions of the conscious mind, which helps us connect with the universal energy. More people have started meditation, and their experiences with meditation show us the actual presence of this life force energy. People feel refreshed, less stressed, and report more energy after meditating.

meditation for channeling energy

Apart from that, meditation also transformed most of our lives. The energy flow during the meditation not only helps with their health, but it’s also the answer to everything, peace, wealth, prosperity, love, and abundance. The more they channeled the energy through meditation, the more they started to receive.

So the bottom line, while you are sleeping, you are channeling energy naturally, which helps heal you from the day’s trauma and replenishes your energy for the next day. So in that view, a night of proper sleep is essential for all of us.

So without further ado. let’s learn how to channel energy

How to channel energy from the universe

Channeling energy from the universe is easier than you thought. See, even though energy is universal energy, it is present everywhere. It is present in you, and everything in this universe is connected to you with this energy. So you already have the connection; all you have to do is to make the connection stronger.

 I hope you understand the possibility when I say that you are connected with this energy. The energy is in you, which means; energy is you, and you are energy, and you are everywhere. That’s beyond this topic, so let’s focus here.

To make the connection stronger and channel energy, all you have to do is accept to receive the energy and remove all self-limiting beliefs. 

As we know, life energy is all around us. Even when we are not channeling, it freely communicates with us through our energy field and sleeps. We need them to support our life.

But suppose we want to channel this energy. In that case, it means a greater level of energy is being passed through us on demand. This energy channeling is mainly for healing yourself or healing others or any desires you have. For channeling energy, you need to train yourself to receive this abundant energy.

The technique we are going to use to channel energy is visualization. By practicing this technique every day, your channeling energy strength will increase exponentially.

Let’s learn this visualization technique to channel energy step by step.

How to channel energy

Step 1 : Relaxing your body and mind to channel energy effortlessly

Meditation is an excellent option to practice channeling energy. Sit quietly and try to relax; if you can sit in a meditation posture, GOOD. Even if you can’t, it doesn’t matter. Sit quietly and relax.

If you are channeling your energy for healing others, a standing position is also good. Everything else is the same.

Make your spine straight and your head also straight and in line with your spine.

meditation posture

If you know any relaxing techniques, use them now to relax your body and mind. If you don’t have any, this guided meditation can help.

Now, take a deep breath and while you exhale, see in your mind’s eye, all your worries are gone, your muscles are relaxing, and you are going into a deeply relaxed state.

Repeat a deep breath until you are completely relaxed.

Some thoughts will be emerging out. But, it is ok for now.

Step 2: believing you can channel your energy

The most important thing that determines success or failure, not only in your spiritual journey but also in anything you pursue, is how strongly you believe in it.

In this state, when you are completely relaxed, your subconscious mind will be telling you these all are nonsense like it’s not going to work. Your subconscious mind will tell everything to convince you and make you retreat from what you are doing because it doesn’t want to move from its comfort zone. What you are doing now is against the belief you have in your subconscious mind.

So, take this time to convince your mind that this is the truth, and you will follow it. Truly believe in it before you start the process. 

What you have been taught all these years is, “give me proof, then I will believe it. “Actually, it is the other way “believe it first, and you will have all the proof you need.”

So before you start, believe in it and remove any thought which might work against what you are doing.

Step 3: Visualization for channeling your energy

Visualization is thinking in your mind’s eye, picturing it in your mind as detailed as possible. But, of course, with some excitement, feeling good, and love.

You know life energy is present everywhere. You can visualize that this energy is coming to you in every way possible. I use a unique technique which I will explain now.

Visualize the universe, space, a star, or a galaxy; anything is fine. Choose one with which you have a crystal clear image in your mind.

channeling your energy

for now, believe that this is the life energy source

In your mind’s eye, ask the source to channel energy towards you and tell the source your intention to flow this energy.

Channel energy flowing energy

Believe your request is granted, and now unlimited energy is flowing towards you. Visualize a bluish-white beam of light is coming towards you and hit your crown chakra.

How to channel energy for self healing

In the energy world, it is believed that your energy body is the answer to all the health conditions. Therefore, if you have a well-balanced energy body, you will have a perfectly healthy body.

The lack of life energy in your body is the reason for all your health conditions. For example, suppose you have energy problems in your throat chakra. In that case, you could have a health condition in any part supplied by your throat chakra, like thyroid disorders. So balancing your energy body and frequent healing is vital for having a healthy life.

chakra healing with channeling energy

Step 4: Self healing with Visualization 

Now the chi energy has hit your crown chakra. Visualize for 10 to 20 seconds; this energy is healing your crown chakra. Removing any block it has and all the negative energy accumulated in your crown chakra is now healed.

Apart from healing the crown chakra, the energy beam also opened the chakra for free energy flow. By now, you know that more and more energy can easily pass through your body as a 2 lane road has upgraded to a 4 lane road.

Now imagine as a spider web, energy from your crown chakra has radiated to all parts of your body that control your crown chakra. As it passes, all the voids, negative energies, and blocks are healed, and your body is wholly energized for proper functioning.

Once it healed your crown chakra and all the areas controlled by your crown chakra, it moves to your third eye chakra. Repeat the process until it covers all your chakras

When you start your spiritual journey and channeling energy work, the energy flow can be significantly less. Still, no worries, the more and more you practice, your connection will become stronger and stronger, and the energy can flow like a waterfall whenever you need it.

So when you are starting, I would recommend working with universal energy at least two times every day. The more, the better. Practice it at different times of the day.

I am sure, within one week, you will have all the proof you need to believe it without any doubt. But remember, you need to believe it first for it to work for you.

How to Channel your energy through your hands

Hands have been used to channel energy for a long time. You might have seen a blessing ceremony where your hands are used. It’s for the transfer of energy.

So the energy we channeled from the universe can be transferred to others with our hands. So let’s see how it is.

step 5: Channeling your energy through your hands

Visualization is a powerful, simple, and most effective technique in your spiritual journeys. To channel your energy to someone else through your hands, we are using visualization.

Follow all steps we discussed (steps 1 to 4) before channeling energy through your hands. This will make the connection with universal energy stronger and helps you channel energy quickly and effectively.

Once the energy healed your body, you now have to channel energy through your hands to someone else or whatever you want.

In this step, now imagine in your mind’s eye, all that beam of energy coming from the universe enters your body. From there, it surges to your hands, and through your palms, you can see it leaving on to someone else or anything you intend to heal.

If you want to channel energy to someone else, imagine this energy is reaching them with all its powers.

Make sure when you pass on energy, you have a clear intention. The energy can work on your intentions as well as the needs of the recipient. For example, if you are passing energy to a person to create a protective shield around them, make sure you have a clear intention. The energy will serve the recipient for what your intention is. If you don’t have a clear intention, it might help the highest good for the recipient, but not always as related to your intention. E.g., it might be serving them for healing, not for creating a protective energy field.

How to channel energy to someone else for healing

Universal energy is available to all, even if they believe in it or not. Anyone can use all its good. But consciously channeling the energy to your body needs you to believe in it.

Some people have some limiting belief that they cant channel energy, but some didn’t even know their presence. For these people, they might need some help.

As it’s being used for centuries, we can channel this universal energy to anything and anyone we want, for the good, of course.

So to channel energy to someone else for healing or any other purpose, follow all the steps mentioned above. If that person is with you at that time, placing your hands on the recipient’s chakra one at a time can help channel energy from your hands to that person. This can have the same benefits as you do it alone by visualization.

How to channel energy to someone else for healing

Suppose the person is not with you at the time. You can visualize that person standing in front of you, or the energy you are sending is reaching them wherever they are, in this world or beyond.
Imagine the energy you are sending reaches them and encloses them completely, and visualize that this energy is healing them and doing its purpose.

How to channel energy into crystals and other object

As you know by now, healing and balance are one of the major functions of universal energy. But it’s not all there is. This energy is the key to everything, and its uses are limitless.

Since the energy connects everything there is, you can do anything with it. Some uses of it are

  • Protecting your home
  • To relieve stress and tension
  • To heal body pain
  • connect with anyone you love at a deeper level
  • To sharpen our intuition
  • To attract love, happiness, and abundance
  • Charging crystals
  • Healing anything
  • connect with your unseen friends like higher self, guardian angel, and your spirit guide
  • Healing the food you eat

There is no limit on how you can use this energy to your needs.

This is how I channel energy for my personal purpose. State your intention and follow all the steps mentioned above to channel energy through your hands to any object.

If the object is small and with you, enclose it with your hands and pass energy.
If it’s large, you can pass the energy by touching it. If it’s not with you, you can do it by visualization.

Signs you are channeling Energy

The complicated thing about energy is, it cannot be explained how it works. It has to be experienced by everyone. Experience is the sign here. What I feel may not be the same as you feel. Some people don’t feel anything at all, but they also had proof of its existence. 

Some people feel its presence immediately, while others feel it in later stages when they are experienced to note the difference in their body and soul. For some, the recipients tell them their experience while channeling, but the person who channeled may not feel anything. So it can vary in many ways from person to person.

Here is my experience with energy. The energy I felt most of the time is in my hands. I have an intense sensation in my hands. During my first try, I felt nothing. But I believed in it and kept trying and meditating. After about a week, I started feeling some minor sensation in my hands, like tingling. I was meditating then. I believe that’s why I was able to notice it because it was a very subtle sensation. But it regained my confidence.

I continued practicing again, and today within seconds of channeling energy, my hands start to become hot. I can feel its presence so clearly. Not only me, by placing my hands close to others, they also felt some tingling and hotness. Today without a doubt, I know the universal energy is there, and I can channel that energy to anything I want for any purpose at any time. 

Honestly, I only felt the energy in my hands. Still, I heard stories of other people who can feel the energy with their complete bodies. Sometimes they get spiritual chills and goosebumps when they enter an energy field. For me, I don’t have the full confidence to tell you that I felt that, but somewhere I felt something, but not precise.

The way you feel energy could be different from others. Sometimes it could be only you who could feel some energy in some way. So don’t expect anything and don’t compare with anyone. Remove all beliefs you have, like feel the energy this way or that way, and start observing. Observe what you feel in your body, mind, and soul when the energy enters your body. That’s the sign you are channeling, not my sign or any others sign. That being said, all the best in channeling energy.

Many blessings

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