Heart Energy: The Secret Source Of Power Within You

Heart energy

Did you know there is a key source of power you might not be tapping into that can be key to Manifestation? Heart Energy is that secret source of power within you, and we will talk about heart energy and how to use it to manifest your desires.

What is Heart Energy?

You’re probably familiar with physical energy, the energy that comes from using our bodies to push and pull things, manipulate things and work in the material realm to create. And you are probably also familiar with intellectual energy—thoughts and ideas you use to fuel your creativity and innovation. 

You might think the thoughts you think are not only fuel for new projects and inventions but that they also drive Manifestation. It’s like keeping your thoughts positive and focused on what you want is the key to Manifestation. What you might not know, though, is that heart energy is what actually draws everything you want to you.

You see, every time your heart beats, it creates a magnetic field. 

When your heart beats, it releases hormones that can relax you, connect you with the Earth and the people around you. It can even connect you with Universal energy that will help you manifest anything you desire. 

Heart energy is that high-vibe energy you feel when you are having a lovely conversation with a friend, when you are sharing a hug with your partner, when you are reflecting pride in your children’s accomplishments, when you are experiencing moments of wonder and gratitude for the best things that have happened to you in your life.

That energy—that feeling of swelling and connection with the miraculous and with love in all its forms—is heart energy. And it is real, powerful, and measurable!

Why is Heart Energy powerful?

Heart energy affects the entire body. As a matter of fact, scientists from the HeartMath Institute have discovered that your heart communicates with your brain more than your brain communicates with your heart. Your heart doesn’t only communicate with your OWN brain. It can also affect the brains of other people around you—this has been measured by scientists at the HeartMath Institute! 

Their data shows that:

● The electrical field of the heart generates about 60 times the amount of energy generated by the brain.

● The heart’s magnetic field is about 5,000 times stronger than the brain’s magnetic field.

● The heart’s magnetic field and energetic field extend approximately 2-3 meters out from a person.

● A person’s heart can influence another person’s brain when they are nearby. This can also happen to a lesser degree when the two people are farther away from each other.

● A person’s heart can also, as we mentioned before, connect to the electromagnetic field of the Earth!

This fascinating information and area of study have only been seriously studied since 1991.

Basically put, our hearts have more power and magnetic influence than anyone could have dreamed of.

The HeartMath Institute is also studying the role of the heart in our homes, communities, and societies.

 What does all that have to do with Manifestation?

On the one hand, you can see how the power of the heart and heart energy is directly linked to influencing a person and the people around them. Once you start connecting the dots, though, you can see how that influence might extend outward—as the HeartMath Institute suggests—into the community and society. 

What if that heart energy can influence the Universe as well?

Suppose you think about the Law of Attraction and Manifestation and how it works. In that case, you know that people who have the best results practice gratitude. Gratitude and experiencing a feeling that you have already accomplished/received what you desire tend to help Manifestation. It’s almost like the feeling of accomplishment brings about the accomplishment itself. 

Gratitude is one of the major feelings associated with heart energy.

You have seen that heart energy influences a person’s own mind, likely shifting any sort of limiting beliefs. When a person feels love, happiness, and gratitude, they will attract more love, happiness, and gratitude into their life.

 Could it be that heart energy is actually going out into the environment around you and shifting people, circumstances, and opportunities in your favor, too? Could heart energy be far more powerful than you might think, working to attract everything you desire with its magnetic pull? 

Even though the study of these phenomena is in its infancy, the information about this is pretty exciting, especially when you add it to Quantum Physics!

How can you harness your heart energy to manifest what you want in life?

When you open your heart and focus your heart energy on attracting what you desire, you strengthen that magnetic pull we talked about earlier. It will start bringing more and more of what you want into your life. 

The idea is to stay in the feeling of gratitude, connectedness, and love as much as possible, so you can bring more love, connection, and things to be grateful for into your life. 

See people offering you magnificent opportunities. Feel what it feels like to live the life of your dreams. Continue to use your own heart energy to change your OWN inner life, and see what impact that has on your external world as well.

Imagine your boss giving you a promotion and feel the satisfaction of being praised for your work. Your boss will likely sense your good vibes, and shifts will occur at a subconscious level—positively affecting his opinion of you.

You can also work on expanding your heart’s energy field by consciously working with the energy and feeling it grow. See what you can bring into your awareness.

 You’ll know that your heart energy experiments are working if you start seeing the things you are working on manifesting. Like the same model and color car, you’d like to drive or even more ads for a tropical trip you’ve been dreaming of. Seeing what you want to attract more and more in your field means that your work is working on manifesting what you desire. Keep a high-vibe attitude, continue to build up your heart energy, and practice growing it and sending it to attract what you want in life.

Share your experiences with us.

It’s fascinating to consider how powerful your heart energy is! You can use it to change your own physiology and also to influence the people around you. Your heart energy has a definite, measurable magnetic field and an energetic charge. 

When you consider the possibilities related to using your heart energy to actively attract what you want—just like a magnet—you understand the basics of how the Law of Attraction works. 

 I’d love to hear your thoughts about using heart energy to attract what you want into your life. If you have any stories to share about working with heart energy to manifest a new job, car, or romantic relationship, please share your story in the comments below.

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