15 good daily habits that can guarantee success

good daily habits

Do you want to know the secret to success? OK, I will tell you, but the question is can you use them and be successful. can you?

When I title the post 15 good daily habits that can guarantee success, I know you want to know those 15 habits. In this information age, we are eager to get more information. Once we get it we move to the next and next.

We don’t have patience and time to put into something that can change our life. Even if we know it works we don’t put any effort. We procrastinate on them.

Information gives us satisfaction and we move on to the next while our life remains the same

I am here to tell you the information and knowledge you have can’t bring you success and what brings is how you act on them. yes the actions. Only actions bring you result and when comes to action habits are the game makers

Before we discuss the good daily habits, you should know the secret to success. here is a famous quote from the movie Rocky which explains it.

The world ain’t all sunshines and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. you, me or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. but it ain’t about how hard you hit. it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.

Now we know how winning is done. taking actions even though life hits on us. taking actions on your goals, taking all the pain and still moving forward.

This is the secret bridge between the current you and your goals.

So how can you move forward taking all the hits and pain life has on you.

Can motivation help you ?

You know it won’t, motivation helps you to get started with good momentum but it usually fades off after a few days. That’s why every time we try to change, something happens to us and we quit.

What else can help?

Can habits Help you?

When you create a habit,  it will become a  part of you. whatever your life’s scenario is, habit is something you do. so if we can build good daily habits which itself can act as seeds of success,  then no matter how hard life hits on you, you can move forward and get it done.

Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going

-Jim Ryin

Now let’s get into the good daily habits that can attract success into your life

1. wake up early in the morning

Waking up early in the morning is the number one good daily habit that most successful people all around the world develop in their life. Early morning after a good sleep is the time we have our maximum energy and will power.

When waking up early you have access to this immense amount of energy and with consistent action, you can break down easily any of the big goals you have been procrastinating and achieve.

Waking up in the morning and working on your dream is the best thing you can do to be successful in life.

I usually spend most of my morning time in personal development. success is achieved by you. If you are the same as yesterday, you get the same result as yesterday. The success in your life is directly related to your personal growth.

Invest time in you and you will have an exponential growth.

2. drinking water

It sounds simple but it’s one of the most important good daily habit you can develop for your success

drink water

Your body is the vehicle on which you operate in this world. What if this vehicle is not functioning well. It can’t speed up and cant get to your destination. The same way your body has to work optimally to get maximum productivity from you.

The average adult body contains 50-65 % of water and it needs at least two litres of water on a daily basis to work optimally. How much are you drinking ? No wonder most people have lack of energy and frustration.

Pro Tip:

Drink a glass of water with lemon in the morning right after you wake up. it will help you to 

  • make your body ready for the day faster 
  • get large amount of vitamins
  • freshen your breath 
  • reduce feeling of Hunger 
  • helps in digestion

3. create a morning routine

morning routine habit

A morning routine is like a ritual you create to follow everyday which helps you function better in all areas of your life

It’s like a sequence of activities you follow once you wake up. The habits we mention here can be included in your morning routine. It is important that you follow it every day.

  • Wake up at 5 
  • Brush your teeth 
  • Make your bed 
  • Drink a glass of lemon water 
  • Read 10 pages of a book 
  • Meditate

Pro Tip:

It is important that you create your routine. Every individual is different. You create what works for you. start with what you already have and later you can add new traits into your morning routine

By creating this routine you don’t have to spend any time or energy on thinking what you should do next. A morning routine gives you a head start on your day as well as your goals for the day without wasting any mental energy of yours, so you can work better and longer than others.

4. meditate daily

When it comes to good daily habits, meditation is the one all guru equally agrees with. Meditation is not a rocket science, it’s much easier than you think, in fact you are meditating daily without your knowledge. Yes, when you are sleeping. Sleeping is a form of meditation. Sleeping helps you to restore your energy and clear up your mind. Please don’t sleep in the morning saying you are meditating.

Meditation helps you to concentrate on your life goals, relieve stress and can promote emotional health. In short, meditation helps you to act on your life rather than react to your life’s scenario.

Meditating daily in the morning and just before your sleep can attract success into  your life in surprising ways.

Pro tip

Try to start meditating now itself. Don’t wait to be a pro in it. Start now, you can update your knowledge later. To start with, try meditating by concentrating on your breath or just sit down and try to relax for 5 minutes.

Another way to start meditation is to visualise your perfect day. think of your perfect day, yes, how you want your perfect day to be. We will discuss about it later in this post.

If you need a Headstart on meditation, read this guide on meditation techniques

5. expand your knowledge

reading habit

The next good daily habit is to expand your knowledge. Knowledge always pays off if you know how to make use of it. depending on what field you are in, you should expand your knowledge in them. We grow by learning and solving problems. More knowledge you have, the easier it is for you to find a solution to your problem and if you fail, your growth mindset can search for an angle to find a solution for your problem.

Reading just 3 books about a subject gives you more knowledge about a subject than 90% of the population. Expand your knowledge by reading books, taking online courses, learning from other people and industry news. In the long run it can bring you personal and professional success

6. setting up priorities

Have you read the book The 80/20 principle? It says 80 percent of the result comes from the 20 percent of work done. In other words 80 percent of your work only results in 20 percent of the result. In the light of productivity we waste 80 % of our time. If it’s not giving you enough results, why can’t we use that time to do a task that gives greater results?

But how do we know which task gives great results?

First list down all the tasks you have to do. Then ask yourself if you can only do one task today, which one will you choose ?

Find one task from the list which will have the greatest impact on your life.

Do this for three times and come up with three tasks for the day. Once you have them, complete that work ruthlessly

Make it a habit to do at least three tasks each day. Once you have done it for 30 consecutive days just look back to see how much you have achieved with this simple and powerful good daily habit

7. Eat healthy

healthy eating habit

As I said before, we want our body to work optimally to produce great results. We don’t want any brain clog or energy crash. We want a sustained release of energy and a clear mind throughout the day. For that, clean and healthy eating is important.

Don’t rush to do everything at once and fail, instead try to hack one meal, preferably breakfast. for the next 30 days create a challenge to eat healthy breakfast. once you achieve that, then try lunch and so on

8. exercise regularly

exercise habit

Your body is the most important tool you have. Proper functioning of it is necessary. Exercising regularly is the best way to take care of it. It helps to keep you fit, boost your confidence and energy level. It can also help to reduce stress and get a good sleep.

Start small, as small as you are comfortable and make it a habit and then expand.

9. eliminate clutter

The more choices you have to make, less willpower you have and more exhausted you will become. So eliminate clutter in your life. Give yourself less choices and choose a minimalist lifestyle for maximum achievement.

Get rid of all the unnecessary things from your life. The clothes you don’t wear anymore, the shoes, kitchen utensils, get rid of everything you don’t use and get some white space.

Moreover, focus on what’s important to you at this moment, rather than focusing on multiple goals. create your priority, stop multitasking, enjoy what you are doing and be present in the moment

10. family time


The major reason for all the relationship problems is lack of communication. Family is the most important thing in our life, everything we do in our life is to spend a good time with our family, to make our family life secure financially and still we spend very little time with our loved ones and spend major time of our life with the jobs we hate. 

This has to be changed. To have happiness and fulfillment in our life, our family life should be happy. Just spending a little time with our family everyday speaking to each other and playing with kids can change your life in miraculous ways. Just try it and make it a priority.

11. create an evening routine

We create routine to make sure we do a set of things each and every day by spending very less energy and will power which in long term can leads to exponential success.

In the evening after work we are too tired and can’t do anything productive because we don’t have much energy left. So this is the best time to start a routine. we know what our situation is when we reach home, so we can start from there to uplift us.

For example, how about starting your routine by having a cold bath. Can that refresh you other than thinking about all the noises of the day.

How about your favourite coffee or tea after the bath? how about a family time after the coffee. Do you have that motivation now to start over again for the day?

 You can add anything to it as you wish. workout, reading or writing a new book. it’s all yours now.

12. plan your finance

Money has become the most important thing in every people’s life. It can buy you freedom, it can make you stressed, it can make you it’s slave and it can make or break a relationship.

Some people believe money is evil. Whether it’s a bliss or evil,  knowing about it, how it functions and better managing it is necessary. For that you need a budget. You should know how you are spending your money. I didn’t say you should reduce your expenses or anything; it depends on the person, his goal and his mission. But you should know, have a track record of all your money. If you have it, everything will fall in place slowly.

We have a saying “even if you are throwing it away, count it before you throw”

Know where you are spending money and know what your expenses are. this will help you to solve a lot of problems in the future. Trust me.

13. gratitude journal

We always hear that “The rich are getting richer and poor are becoming poorer”

 Why is that so? Sure there are multiple reasons for that but in the world of law of attraction rich people are usually grateful for what they have and practice gratitude. while the poor people always blame and think of not having enough money or you can say we are getting more of what we have.

gratitude habit

Whether you believe it or not, just try it. It’s not going to bite you. Be open minded. When you do that, believe in it and do it for one year. Write a journal of gratitude, everyday write about something you have in your life and thank God or the universe or whatever you believe in. whether it’s $10 you have, a house, your perfectly working eyes, your new clothes, write about it in your journal that says thanks. show your gratitude and end with wanting more of this in your life. see how your life changes in the coming year.

14. visualise your perfect day

We all have created an inner world inside us. A dream world. I have it. It’s my secret place. Every wish is granted there. To escape from all frustrations of my life I go there. Yes, we dream of our perfect life with abundance of everything. Have you done that before? if you didn’t, you should try it. Just spending a few minutes there itself refreshes me.

What we are about to do is just before you sleep, dream about your perfect day. How you wake up, where you wake up, what you do, how is your house, what you do for a living, how about your family, include every detail and ask the universe or God, this is what I want in my life. Help me manifest this or better in my life. Do it every day before you sleep.

This may sound like funny for you, the reality is actually funny and that simple. It’s we who make it complicated. It’s evident from all the great people who lived before us. Trust the process and move forward. Don’t become a fool by controlling everything around you. You can’t.

15. get a good sleep

I Hope I don’t have to write much about this. It’s evident to all that without a proper sleep we usually behave worse than the Joker in the dark Knight. I don’t know how much sleep you should have. I believe it’s different for each individual. Try to have at least 6 hours of sleep every day and you can go with it or try experimenting with how much hours of sleep you need, but don’t go too short or too long

sleep habit

Pro tip

Don’t take your mobile phone, laptop, music or any other things to your bed, not even a book. just sleep by thinking of anything you like I recommend thinking of your ideal life

So here you have 15 good daily habits that can guarantee success. What you are gonna do with it determines will you become successful or not. What you think guys, how many of it you have right now. Comment down below and mention how it impacted your life.

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