Get your Ex Back With Manifestation

Get Your Ex Back With Manifestation

Working with the Law of Attraction can be a powerful way to attract what you want into your life. Of course, if your ex is the one thing you want more than anything else, you can use manifestation techniques to get your ex back. 

Some things to consider before you begin working on getting your ex back with manifestation:

When using the Law of Attraction to get your ex back, you want to focus on getting the person back and being honored, respected, and feeling loved in the relationship. You want to attract a healthy, happy relationship using manifestation.

The Universe responds to your energetic frequency. It’s important to manifest from a centered, peaceful, loving space, not one of fear, desperation, or jealousy. Remember, you attract more of what you are thinking about. You want love, not fear, honesty, and commitment, not lies and cheating. 

When working with the Law of Attraction to attract ANY romantic partner, whether your ex or someone else, envision the absolute best version of yourself and your partner. Think about what you WANT, not what you DON’T want. 

Love and gratitude are the HIGHEST vibrational frequencies. But, unfortunately, they do not match with loneliness, a lack of self-confidence, or distrust. So, if thinking about your ex stirs those emotions in you, think about whether you really want your ex back or if you want a better partner to come into your life.

If it is your ex and no one else you want in your life, then you can work with manifestation to get your ex back.

Here are some steps that will help you get your ex back with manifestation.

1)   Remember the best times you had with your ex. 

The Law of Attraction works with feelings and emotions. So if you can center yourself in the most loving, joy-filled times you associate with your ex, you can start creating the shifts in your energetic field—and the world around you—to feel more of that joy and happiness.

 Visualizing a happy relationship with your ex is vital to manifesting a good relationship with that person.

 The Universe can tap into your emotional state and use it as fuel to bring you more to be happy about.

2)   Keep your vibe as high as possible. 

This means you avoid comparing yourself with your ex’s new partner, being jealous, worrying, focusing on how lonely you are, etc. 

 Both 1 and 2 influence your vibrational frequency of love and how the Law of Attraction will bring you more of what you focus on. Maintaining a high vibe state and energy for your ex will help bring your ex back in their best form.

3)   Be grateful for ALL the love you have in your life. 

Love comes from a variety of different relationships. You give and receive love from family members, friends, and even pets. You even have positive, energetic exchanges with people you meet on the street.

 Because the Universe will bring you more of what you focus on, focusing on love will bring more love in your life. 

 Gratitude is the key in working with the Law of Attraction; it’s a super attractor. So the more gratitude you feel, the better manifestation works for you. 

 So, even if you don’t have your ex in your life right now, be happy about all of the loving relationships you do have.

4)   Get rid of guilt. 

If you feel like your own bad behavior drove your ex off, then you need to do a couple of things.

 First, forgive yourself for whatever you did wrong. Continuing to carry a burden of guilt will only drag your vibration down. You don’t want that. 

 Try working with the Hoʻoponopono method. It shifts your energy. What is Ho’oponopono, and how do you do it?

 It’s a mantra-like prayer that helps you forgive yourself—you can use it on others, too!

 “I’m sorry; please forgive me. Thank you, I love you.” 

 First of all, you apologize for your role in what happened. Then you ask for forgiveness. Gratitude comes next, for the lessons learned and the forgiveness. Finally, end the prayer with I love you… despite whatever happened in the past. 

5)   Keep the faith. 

This is the hardest but most important part of working with manifestation to bring your ex back. First, you have to trust the Universe and your ability to manifest your ex.

 And, to bring your ex back with manifestation, other things might have to happen. One–or both–of you might need to do some internal healing or break things off with a current partner. Time might have to pass. The Universe might have to line up things like a new job, moving back to your hometown, or even some hard lessons to make your reunion with your ex possible.

 So trust Divine Timing. The Universe moves at its own speed and with a plan you might not fully be aware of. Instead of giving up because things take longer than you would like, keep focusing on gratitude and love.


Bringing your ex back into your life with manifestation will take effort on your part. You will need to make sure you focus on positive thoughts and emotions toward yourself and your ex, keeping your vibe high, and focusing on the love and joy present in your life. You will also need to forgive yourself and your ex (and anyone else who might have influenced your breakup). And you will need to keep the faith. 

Working with the Law of Attraction is a miraculous practice—especially when you use it to bring more love and happiness into the world. 

 Have you ever used the Law of Attraction to bring an ex back into your life? Please share your story in the comments below.

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