7 Enlightenment Apps To Supercharge Your Spiritual Journey

Enlightenment Apps

There is no doubt that technology has completely taken over our lives. Sometimes, it can be hard to disconnect, as we tend to spend all day glued to our screens, spending our time scrolling through social media. However, your phone can also become super important on your spiritual journey!

When I first started exploring spirituality, I started to look for resources to help me on my journey. I started to gradually come across different enlightenment apps which helped me meditate better, live more mindfully and learn more about spirituality. These 7 enlightenment apps will help you supercharge your spiritual journey daily and fill you up with great vibes.

1. Gaia

Gaia is the first enlightenment app – or rather, platform – that I came across and it immediately caught my attention. It is like a spiritual Netflix, with series on different topics related to spirituality, the law of attraction, manifestation, and many more. Their shows are led by experts in different fields, such as quantum physics or neuroscience, or people who simply have a special connection to The Universe, such as Mateo de Stefano who leads one of the most mind-blowing series on Gaia called Initiation. I love how informative their content is! They even offer meditation and yoga classes with experienced teachers. Ever since I signed up for Gaia, I have been watching their series instead of watching Netflix.

2. MindValley

MindValley is another enlightenment app that I fully recommend to any spiritual person. Have you ever felt like even though you spent years preparing for your career, no one has really taught to how to have better relationships, take care of your mind, body, and spirit, or just simply live a better-quality life? This is exactly the goal behind MindValley. It is a platform that offers video courses to help people on their self-development and spiritual journey. The founder of MindValley Vishen Lakhani started it to help others unlock the full potential of their mind, body, and spirit to live more fulfilling and joyful lives.

What content does this enlightenment app offer?

The content that MindValley offers is utterly mind-blowing! This platform offers courses on mind, body, soul, entrepreneurship, money, relationship, success, and other spiritual topics. To give you an idea, some of their courses teach you how to become more abundant, how to form better relationships in your life, or even how to meditate and master energy healing. If you want to try it out and see what it is all about, you can sign up for a free trial. At the time of writing this article, the full membership price is around $40 per month.

3. Soulvana: Daily Spirituality

Soulvana is an enlightenment app created by MindValley led by the world’s top spiritual teachers, healers, and guides. This app offers group immersion classes to help you meditate and connect with other like-minded, spiritual people from all around the world. My favorite feature that Soulvana offers are their bite-sized podcasts on different spiritual topics that you can listen to directly within the app.

4. Omvana – Get in Flow

Another one of MindValley owned apps, Omvana is an enlightenment app that offers guided meditations. Each meditation is created with a different purpose in mind, so you can use them to relax, fall asleep, improve your money mindset or help you calm your anxiety. This app offers over 500 tracks of meditative content, so you will never run out of meditations to listen to whenever you need it. If you’re into practicing your daily meditation and you’re tired of constantly searching for good guided meditations on YouTube, this enlightenment app is definitely worth checking out.

5. Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

Headspace is another great enlightenment app that will help you grow on your spiritual journey. It is mainly a meditation app, focused on four categories: meditation, sleep, stress, and mindfulness. Headspace offers a broad range of meditations to help you with things like stress, anxiety, or managing different emotions, such as anger or loneliness.

What I find particularly interesting about this app is that, unlike other meditation apps, it offers a unique approach to meditation through eight different techniques. If you love meditation but are still struggling to find the style that works best for you and doesn’t make you fall asleep in the middle of the session, going through each of these eight meditation techniques will help you find the one that you enjoy the most!

6. Co-Star Personalised Astrology

This is hands down one of my favorite apps to use daily! Co-Star is different from all the other enlightenment apps that I mentioned in this article, as it is focused on astrology. This app analyses your natal chart and gives you daily updates with tips on what to focus on during the day, what to pay attention to, and how to manage your emotions. I love the fact that I can go back to this app to consult my birth chart, as it helps me get to know myself on a deeper level every single day.

My favorite feature that Co-Star offers however is its Chaos Mode. This feature lets you write down notes-to-self and sends them back to you through a push notification on your phone. I love writing down some positive affirmations for myself and getting these notifications at random times!

7. Calm

This is for sure my favorite meditation app. I have been using Calm for a few months now and it’s been an amazing experience! This enlightenment app offers tons of guided meditations to help you reduce stress and anxiety, increase happiness, improve performance, build self-esteem or simply sleep better. When you download the app, it will ask you a series of questions to personalize the meditation recommendations it will then suggest for you. Apart from guided meditations, Calm also offers breathing exercises, sleep stories, soundscapes, and relaxing music. You can try it out by signing up for their free 7 days trial.

Using these enlightenment apps daily has been life-changing for me and has greatly impacted the way I face my everyday challenges. The meditation apps have helped me create a better meditation routine adjusted to my needs and preferences. Other apps, such as Gaia and Mindvalley, help me learn more and more about spirituality, the law of attraction, and manifestation. If you’re a spiritual person looking to grow and expand further on your journey to enlightenment, these apps will help you achieve that!

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