Crystals To Attract Wealth And Prosperity

Crystals To Attract Wealth And Prosperity

Do you love crystals? Did you know working with crystals can help you attract abundance and opportunity? Today, I’ll be sharing my four favorite crystals to attract wealth and prosperity into your life. 

Just one thing before we talk about crystals for wealth and prosperity:

Manifesting wealth requires work in the real world alongside the magical tools you use to attract abundance. Ensure you are actively saving money and making sound investments if you are looking at creating long-term wealth. Submit your resume for higher-paying jobs or work on your business while working with crystals and affirmations. The Universe will meet you halfway, but it does require some effort on your part.

Tips for working with crystals to attract wealth and prosperity

Working with crystals can be easy. You don’t need to worry about complicated rituals or remember any deity’s name—unless you want to. Instead, just purchase the right crystal, put it in your pocket, wear it as jewelry, or put it in your wallet or on your desk. Then sit back and watch the magic unfold.

You can also do a daily meditation practice with your crystal to connect with the energy within the crystal. Sit quietly with the crystal in your non-dominant hand to absorb its energy while breathing in and out. Relax your mind and focus on what true wealth and success look like to you. Do this for 5-15 minutes per day.

It can also be fun to journal about any exciting opportunities or windfalls that come into your life after you start working with a particular crystal. In addition, keeping track of the results you get when using any manifestation tool helps you believe in its effects, which helps to strengthen the tools you use. 

Let’s take a look at four of the most commonly used crystals to attract wealth and prosperity.


Even though pyrite is known as “fool’s gold,” it can help you attract income streams, luck with money, and opportunity into your life. 

Pyrite is a mineral linked to financial success for centuries, likely because it looks like real gold.

Use pyrite when you are just starting, especially if you have trouble with your mindset or imposter syndrome. Its intense energy grounds you into feelings of worthiness and helps you center within yourself.

Because it connects with the solar plexus Chakra, pyrite helps you gain self-confidence. When you are more confident, you make better decisions for yourself and demand better working conditions and pay. Confident people are often better negotiators as well. 

Meditate with the pyrite before you go to an interview or when you sit down to plan your next business quarter. Keep a piece of pyrite in your wallet or purse to bring you more money and opportunity. You can also keep a piece of pyrite on your desk to help attract more money, promotions, and confidence in your ability to do your job well.


Citrine is one of the most popular crystals to attract wealth and prosperity. It can help you find new revenue sources and keep the money flowing in. 

One nice thing about citrine is that it helps you find your passion and use that as a motivation to make money. 

Money-making opportunities seem to appear when you work with citrine. 

And the energy of citrine relates to true wealth. So when you work with citrine crystals to attract wealth and prosperity, you will be able to hold onto the money you make. 

Citrine is also associated with the solar plexus chakra, helping you maintain a positive self-image and high standards. As mentioned above, self-confidence is key to getting better opportunities and higher wages, and citrine can help you be more self-assured. 

Wear citrine on a necklace or keep a piece in your wallet to attract wealth and prosperity and help you feel more confident in yourself. You might be surprised about how quickly citrine attracts abundance into your life.

Heated Amethyst

Heated amethyst is often labeled as citrine, but it is a different stone. Heated amethyst is usually more orange-colored and may have a white base, while citrine is more of a light greenish-yellow color. Even though heated amethyst is different from citrine, it works in many of the same ways as citrine does and even adds an element of creativity to the mix.

When you work with heated amethyst, you are motivated to go out and get what you want in life instead of waiting for it to come to you. 

Working with heated amethyst might also help you feel more self-confident. You might also feel like you can make better decisions about your money when you use heated amethyst. 

Heated amethyst can help you be more visionary and help you find creative ways of making and investing money. In addition, you might be able to find opportunities where others find dead ends when you work with heated amethyst. 

Keep a piece of heated amethyst on your desk or even meditate with it before you make decisions about your investment portfolio. 

Green Jade

If you would like to turn your luck around with finances, use green jade. Green jade can ease any financial worries you have and help you attract more abundance into your life. 

People have been working with green jade to attract good fortune and prosperity for centuries.

The energy green jade gives off can help you receive money and opportunities more easily. So if you are someone who gives until it hurts, start working with green jade to balance the energy of giving and receiving in your life.

Green jade is also a stone of happiness, peace, and tranquility, so it can bring those qualities into your financial life and business partnerships. 

You can wear green jade to help you feel calm and to attract good fortune. Keep a piece in your home or office to help you attract more wealth and opportunity. 

Working with crystals like pyrite, citrine, heated amethyst, and green jade can help you attract more wealth and prosperity into your life. Each one of these stones has particular traits or qualities that it helps to enhance, like self-confidence, luck, and even the ability to receive good fortune. You can meditate with crystals, wear them, or keep them in your home or office to help you manifest good fortune.

What crystal do you use to attract wealth and prosperity into your life? Please share your favorite in the comments below.

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