Best Law of Attraction Books you must read – My favorites.

Best law of Attraction Books

Are you a student of the Law of Attraction? There are many great Law of Attraction books on the market right now, and new editions are being written all the time. The books I am going to recommend in this article are the best Law of Attraction books I’ve ever read. 

Mention of the Law of Attraction can be found in a lot of religious texts and old stories. The ideas of patience and faith, focusing on positive things in life, and even being generous to those around you are part of both religion and the Law of Attraction. Don’t be surprised, then, if you are reading a religious text and the phrases or meanings can be directly tied to your Law of Attraction practice.

Also, because the Law of Attraction encourages you to find the godlike energy within yourself, there may be passages in books from several religions aligned with ideas in the Law of Attraction. The foundation of the Law of Attraction states that you are powerful beyond measure and capable of creating the world around you. While religious texts might not go that far, many indeed can be interpreted that way.

Let’s explore some of the best Law of Attraction books I’ve read now. 

The Best Law Of Attraction Books.

The Game Of Life And How to Play It, by Florence Scovel Shinn

This quick read—it has less than 100 pages—was published in 1925. It was one of the first and best law of attraction books I ever read.

The Game of Life and How To Play It covers the basics of manifestation in plain English and emphasizes making the process easy. 

Shinn also makes a point to remind us to be mindful of what we wish for and follow our intuitive hunches. She also teaches on how to avoid wishing for things that will make us unhappy. The book states, we should have perfect faith in our desires and beliefs to achieve them with ease.

In the book, she also tells us it’s pretty easy to course-correct if you’ve manifested what you don’t want.

This book has many references to the Bible and specific passages linked to manifestation, as mentioned above. Even if that isn’t your thing, the processes and beliefs Scovel Shinn lays out in this book make it one of the best Law of Attraction books available.

E-Squared by Pamela Grout

As I was planning out this article, I started thinking about this book and its exercises. E-Squared is filled with practical experiments to prove how easy it is for you to attract what you want into your life. 

I decided to think about my dream car because it’s an exercise Pam Grout recommends in the book. Once I started thinking about my dream car, it was like magic—I started seeing them everywhere! It was a simple experiment that quickly proved to me that I can attract things I think about. 

Believing in your ability to manifest is one of the keys to successfully using the Law of Attraction. E-Squared is a book designed to show you just how easy it is to manifest what you want. Seeing is believing, right?

E-Squared gives you information about the Law of Attraction that is both based on science and mysticism. It’s the perfect blend of both ideologies. Ms. Grout lays out the basics of quantum physics and energy theories that help to prove the Law of Attraction on a subatomic scale.

This book is definitely worth the time and energy to read. It will help you square your manifestation practice outcomes!

The Circle by Laura Day

The Circle is part workbook, part ritual, part miracle. In this book, author Laura Day walks you through the basics of manifestation. The topics she teaches in the book are to set up your intentions, embodying your desires as if they were already manifested, and making space in your life for the good things to happen.

She also teaches in the book to recognize synchronicity and empower your wishes by sharing positive energy with the people around you, which can help manifest our desires faster.

Laura Day also has an Instagram account that she dedicates to helping others working their Circles to amplify the effects of the Law of Attraction. 

Even if you don’t actively work on the wish you write in The Circle workbook, it’s interesting to see how the Universe works to bring what you have wished for. After writing a “wish” about being a writer, several writing opportunities popped up for me out of thin air. I thought back to my desire and thanked the Universe for granting me the opportunity to explore the profession of my dreams!

I highly recommend trying the exercises and meditations in The Circle. You will likely be pleasantly surprised by seeing the Law of Attraction work for you in your life.

Ask, And It Is Given, by Abraham (Esther and Jerry Hicks)

Abraham books are some of THE most powerful and best Law of Attraction books on the market. 

Abraham is a collective of energetic beings channeled by Esther and Jerry Hicks. They share insights and advice to help mankind prosper and thrive.

In Ask And It Is Given, simple guidelines emphasize feeling your way to everything you desire. Basically put, the more time you spend focusing on joy and ease in life, the easier it is to manifest more joy and comfort in your life.

This book also introduces the concept of the “Emotional Ladder.” This helps you understand several “emotion’s” vibrational qualities, ranging from shame to fear to hopefulness to joy. The higher the intensity of the vibration of a feeling, the more powerful it is. This is one of the often overlooked keys to successfully working with the Law of Attraction.

Ask, And It Is Given is a must-have for anyone who wants to use the Law of Attraction to change their life for the better!

These are the books I consider to be the best Law of Attraction books on the market. While there are many overlaps between the theories and practices in these, they each have a unique perspective or way to use the Law of Attraction to create a happy, fulfilling, and magical life.

What is your favorite Law of Attraction book? I’d love to hear about the books that helped you with manifestation.

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