Angel Number 818: The real meaning behind them

Angel Number 818 Meaning

Your guardian angel is always with you, sharing advice and guidance in a variety of different ways. Sometimes, angels will send you a song that has the exact message you needed to hear. Other times, they will send actual pictures of angels or the word angel for you to see. Angels also send angel numbers as messages. Today, we will be exploring what it means when you see angel number 818.

It is important to note that the angels will send you a message repeatedly until you see it. They do not give up on you; their guidance is not hit or miss. Your guardian angel will send a message until you truly get it.

And remember, you can always ask the angels for a sign if you feel lost or unsure. The angels must respect your free will. If you ask for help, they will respond right away.

The angels will also send you a sign if you need to make shifts in your life. Angel number 818 is one of those kinds of symbols. Even if you haven’t specifically asked for a sign, the angels might try to get your attention when you need to make changes.

The numerological meaning of angel number 818

When you think about what a number means when you see it more often, start by thinking about the numerological meanings of each of the numbers in the number sequence.

Eight is a number associated with infinity, personal strength, talent and passion, and your soul’s karma. 

If you see eights more often than usual, make sure you honestly evaluate the direction your life is headed in. Your actions and motivations will affect the overall quality of your life for a long time to come—possibly an eternity. 

Because the number eight is the first and last digit in 818, it is doubly important for a couple of reasons. First, any number that repeats in an angel number amplifies the power of the number. Second, because it is the first and last number, it shows motion—break—motion or theme—new start—theme again. 

Because number one is in the middle of the two eights, you see a new beginning between two karmic lessons or periods of flexing your personal strength. It is also a reflection of itself in some ways, with the mirror of one in the middle of two eights.

One is a number associated with the start, the first step, and new beginnings. It also shows individuality, independence, and the ability to achieve what you put your mind to.

There is a certain magic in number one—it’s even the Magician card in tarot. One is alone and unique. It is capable and self-sufficient. One is headed in a positive direction. Number one is new, fresh, and hopeful.

Adding the numbers together 

Another part of understanding the numerological meaning of any number comes from adding the digits together to get a single number. For example, you would add 8 + 1 + 8 to get 17, and then 1 + 7 = 8

In this case, seeing eight as the sum of all the numbers underlines the importance of the overall meaning of eight.

Angel number 818 emphasizes the need for self-reliance and centering on your strengths. It shows a definite tie to karmic lessons—either by repeating them or burning off old karmic attachments and ties. 

When you see angel number 818, it is a powerful sign that change is on the way and the result of that change is up to you.

Can you do better, or will you fall prey to the same traps again?

Combining the meanings of 8 and 1

When you look at the number 818, you can imagine overcoming one karmic lesson or important period in your life and then starting again, moving into another Karmic lesson. 

You will need to call on your internal strengths and resources to bring something to a satisfactory conclusion so you can start with a clean slate.

The energy of the next phase of your life is up to you when you see 818 more often than normal.

If you see number 818 as a sign, make sure your intentions are pure and just. Take everyone’s needs into consideration. Do not do anything to other people you would not want to have done to you. You do not want to drag any negative energy into the next phase of your life.

As you can see, 818 represents something of a detox phase of your life. It is a chance for fresh starts and a new way of thinking. But, on the other hand, it can indicate a spiral lesson or overcoming karmic entanglements to move onto the next lesson in your soul’s journey.

Again, remember 818 can show you will repeat the same mistakes if you do not change your ways.

Angel Number 818 and Love 

When you see the number 818 a lot regarding your love life, it might be a sign for you to release a relationship that does not feel good for one that does. But, of course, I am not advising you to bed hop or search for someone more beautiful or with a bigger wallet! Instead, I am referring to soul-level feelings and karmic lessons.

If you feel like your relationship is a tipping point, be honest about what you truly want in a partner. You might make a fresh start within your existing relationship. You might break up with one soulmate (someone you learned a karmic lesson from) and meet someone new soon after.

Because karma and personal strength are a theme with eights, make sure you are a good, faithful, and loving partner. There is a reflective quality to the number 818 that emphasizes the importance of your actions and behaviors. 

If you are loving, but your current partner is not, you can let that person go to find someone who is a better match. Make sure to be strong and independent and wait for a better partner. 

Do not just switch faces and end up with someone with the same character as the one you left behind.

Angel number 818 is also a number that focuses on your character too. So keep that in mind if 818 is your angel number sign.

If you are not faithful now, your current partner might leave you, and your next partner might not be faithful to you. 

Angel Number 818 and its general life meaning

As you can see, number 818 is a reminder to keep an eye on your karma. Are you trying to get away with anything? How do you treat your loved ones, coworkers, and acquaintances?

Angel Number 818 is a sign that you should do some soul searching. If your life is not running smoothly or if you need to make changes, call on your strength to make tough decisions and shift the energy of your life.

Of course, when one karmic lesson ends, another begins. So even if you make changes in your life, you have to 1) stay strong so you do not end up repeating the same lesson and 2) use your willpower to maintain good behavior, so you move forward, not backward. 

This number can come up when you are getting sober, leaving a toxic relationship or habits behind, or if you are learning to deal with anger more positively. 

Number 818 is a sign that you will have to make choices and stick with them. If you start seeing 818 more frequently, be 100% honest with yourself about how your actions influence your life quality.


As you can see, the angels do not always send airy-fairy messages in numbers. Sometimes, the angels will send a sign for you to look at your actions and how they affect the people around you and your relationships. 

Angel number 818 is a number sign that reminds you that the energy you put into the world returns to you. Are you living in a way that will reflect good things or bad things into your own life? Do you need to drastically change the way you allow others to treat you—or the way you treat others—to have a better life?

If you start seeing angel number 818 more often, these are questions you want to ask yourself.

Have you been seeing 818 more often lately? If you do not mind sharing, let me know what’s going on in your life and if what I described resonates with you!

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