8 Must-Know Signs Your Third Eye Is Open

Signs Your Third Eye Is Open

Have you recently been seeing things out of the ordinary? Or maybe you have noticed that you have a strong sense of intuition? Maybe you were even able to predict the future? If this has been happening to you, it may be a sign that your third eye is opening.

If you’re reading this article, you may be wondering how to tell if your third eye is open or if it is opening right now. Here are eight must-know signs your third eye is open.  

1: Feeling pressure between the eyebrows 

One of the first signs your third eye is open is feeling pressure between the eyebrows. If your third eye is opening, you may feel a constant pressure in the middle of your forehead, as if someone was touching you. It may feel slightly confusing initially, and you may be wondering if it’s just a headache or if you’re imagining it. However, it is entirely normal, and it is one of the first signs your third eye is opening.

Apart from the pressure between your eyebrows, you may also experience frequent headaches. In the beginning, they may be mild and then start increasing in intensity. This is due to the Kundalini energy trying to activate the final stages of opening your third eye. You don’t have to worry about it! It’s a natural part of the process. 

2: Increased intuition 

Another sign your third eye is open is a heightened sense of intuition. When your intuition is heightened, you can tell what people think, sense their energy and know what will happen. You’re not going crazy! If you’ve been able to predict things a few days before they happen or know that something will occur just based on a hunch, it probably means that your intuition is getting stronger.

You may also have strong suspicions about the imminent future. For me, a lot of times, my intuition manifests as a pit in the stomach telling me that something will happen. Other times it manifests as a strong hunch that I should not go to a specific place or trust a particular person.

3: Sensitivity to light and sound

The following vital sign your third eye is open is sensitivity to light and sound. When your third eye is open, it creates a strong connection between the human and spiritual realms. Since you’re now able to see beyond the human realm, you may notice that you have trouble tolerating very bright lights or loud noises. As a result, you may find yourself avoiding places with loud music, lots of noise, or bright lights. 

Another thing you may experience when your third eye is open is seeing geometric shapes and lights when your eyes are closed. This may happen when you’re awake with your eyes closed or during sleep. In addition, you may experience seeing many different colors, such as blue, indigo, purple and white, and many different shapes. 

4: Vivid dreams that almost feel real 

Having very vivid dreams is another sign your third eye is open. This is something I still experience a lot. When you’re dreaming, it will almost feel as if your dream was absolute. When you wake up from the dream, you may find it hard to realize that you’re back in the physical realm for a few seconds. When your third eye starts opening, you will experience dreams that are so vivid it almost feels as if you somehow got transported to another realm. 

Sometimes, your dreams will be full of messages and signs from your Angels, guiding you towards resolving some emotional issues from the past. In addition, your Spiritual Guides will send your messages to urge you to look more closely into some hidden emotions you haven’t dealt with. Pay attention to these messages!

5: Heightened manifestation powers

Another sign your third eye is open is increased manifestation powers. This is related to the fact that your third eye is your intuitive center. When your third eye is open, you will have a stronger connection with The Universe and your Higher Self. Therefore, your manifestation powers will increase. When you start noticing that your dreams and desires manifest into your physical reality almost instantly and effortlessly, it may be a sign your third eye is open. 

6: Seeing synchronicities all around you

When your third eye is open, you will start seeing synchronicities all around you. Synchronicities will manifest in your life shortly after you embark on your spiritual awakening journey. However, when your third eye is open, you will notice that they appear more frequently. You will be able to understand what they mean faster.  

7: Developing clairvoyant abilities 

One of the most important signs your third eye is open is starting to have clairvoyant abilities. Clairvoyance means being able to see beyond the physical realm. Each of us will experience this differently. Some people will experience seeing spiritual entities or things out of the ordinary. Others will experience a sort of déjà vu – flashes of events that haven’t happened yet right before they happen. If you have been seeing things out of the ordinary, it may be a sign your third eye is open.

8: Becoming more sensitive to vibrations 

The next sign your third eye is open is becoming more sensitive to energy and vibrations. This means that you will sense the energy of people, places, or even things. You may even be able to sense the energetic presence of spiritual entities around you. This is because while your third eye is opening, your body is readjusting and recalibrating to a higher frequency. 

This will impact your life in different areas. For example, you may feel a need to exercise more or to eat more healthily. In addition, you will become more aware of your emotions and manage them better. You may also feel the need to incorporate meditating, journaling, or another spiritual practice into your daily routine. 

Having your third eye open and unblocked is crucial in your spiritual journey, as it will help you see more clearly, clear mental blockages, and listen to your intuition. People whose third eye is wide open tend to have a heightened sense of intuition or see things out of the ordinary. They can see things beyond the human realm. When your third eye is open, you may be able to see spiritual entities, auras, and chakras. You may also be able to perceive changes in the energy around us. 

These eight signs will help you tell if your third eye is open! Which ones have you been experiencing the most? Share it with us in the comments! 

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