6 Steps To Asking The Universe For What You Want

Asking The Universe For What You Want

We all ask The Universe for the things we want. Most of the time, it’s an unconscious process. Most people don’t realize that they have the power to manifest whatever they want. So far, you may have been manifesting unconsciously. However, if you are reading this article, you may have wondered if it is possible to intentionally manifest what you want. The answer is yes!

In this article, I will walk you through six steps to asking The Universe for what you want so that you can easily manifest your desires and dreams. 

1: Decide what you want.

The first step to asking The Universe for what you want is to… well, know what you want. A lot of times, our manifestations get confused along the way. We start to manifest something we think we want and then change our minds. Whenever that happens, that manifestation gets blocked halfway through and never gets to you. Feeling confused about what you want is the main reason why your manifestations never seem to come through.

Before you try to manifest something, make sure that you know exactly what you want. Be as specific as you can. One of the primary mistakes people make with manifesting is being too general about their desires. The problem with putting out a generic desire to The Universe is that you won’t know if you received it or not because you have no idea how it looks like for you. 

For example, saying “I want to be rich” is not specific enough. The Universe doesn’t know what that means! How much money is rich to you? How does being rich look like for you? How does being rich feel to you? Before asking The Universe for what you want, figure out precisely what it means to you.

2: Clean your energy

Whenever you are asking The Universe for what you want, it is essential to have clean energy around it. If your energy around your desire is corrupted by feelings of unworthiness, fear, uncertainty, or doubt, your manifestation will get blocked. Likewise, if you’re trying to manifest something you think you want, but you genuinely don’t, your manifestation will get blocked. Having dark energy around our desires or trying to manifest something that we don’t really want is the most common reason we can’t seem to manifest those things into our physical reality.

Let yourself be guided by your feelings to know what you actually want. A pure, clean desire comes with clean energy. It comes with feelings of joy, peace, and complete certainty. If you don’t feel enthusiastic about something or feel doubtful, it might not be what you truly want. 

3: Raise your frequency.

Everything is energy, and energy is everything. Therefore, everything vibrates at a specific frequency. Whenever you’re asking The Universe for what you want, make sure that you are a vibrational match to receive it. Our manifestations often get blocked because we ask for something that vibrates at a much higher frequency. For our manifestations to be smooth and fast, we need to become the vibrational match for what we are asking for. 

Raising your frequency is a continuous process, and there are many ways to do it. The easiest way to instantly raise your vibrational frequency when manifesting is to focus on the positive feelings around your desire. Whenever you are asking The Universe for what you want, focus on the feelings of pure happiness, excitement, and gratitude. Be happy that you will obtain this desire. Be grateful that it is already on its way. Be excited about all the fantastic things that will happen once you get it! 

4: Ask for it and let it go. 

Letting go is the key to manifesting. Once you’ve asked The Universe for what you want, you need to relax and let it go. This is the hardest and the most essential part of the manifestation process! Every time you get impatient or start asking why your manifestation is not here yet, you’re creating an energetic block around it and pushing it further away. Getting impatient, frustrated, or angry with The Universe will lower your frequency and only push your manifestations further away from you. 

You can think of your manifestation as a letter you’re sending to The Universe. Once you’ve sealed and sent it, you don’t check every day if it arrived. You let the Post Office handle the logistics and deliver it to the recipient. You patiently wait for the reply. The same happens with your manifestation. Be patient! Some things only take an instant to manifest, and others take a longer time. Relax and let The Universe take care of your manifestation!

5: Open yourself up to receiving

One of the main things that block our manifestations from coming to us is that we are not open to actually receiving them. So whenever you are asking The Universe for what you want, make sure to open yourself up to receive it into your physical reality. 

Often, we have a hard time stepping into the receiving energy because we believe we are not good enough to receive our desires or are selfish to receive. Practice receiving in small ways. Every time someone offers you a gift, accept it with gratitude and a smile. Every time someone tells you a compliment, say thank you with gratitude and joy. This will help you slowly open up to receiving more prominent and more significant desires from The Universe!

6: Watch for signs. 

If you have been asking The Universe for what you want, it may respond with signs to help you receive it. Sometimes, The Universe will try to steer us in the right direction. So keep your eyes peeled for any potential signs that it might be throwing at you. Things such as synchronicities, seeing repeating numbers, or seeing spirit animals may signify that your manifestations are on their way. 

Some of the signs The Universe will be sending you are not obvious but not hard to notice if you are paying attention. For example, if you have been asking The Universe for a new job, you may start noticing more opportunities coming your way. In addition, you may randomly meet a person at a party or at a restaurant that knows of a position that matches your skills. So make sure to pay attention to these signs and any opportunities that might arise!

Whenever you’re asking The Universe for what you want, it constantly listens. Whether it’s unconscious or you’re doing it intentionally, you have the power to manifest your desires. As long as you genuinely believe that they will come to you and you fully trust The Universe, they will manifest into your physical reality. Following these six steps will help you manifest your desires and dreams even faster. 

Has The Universe given you what you’ve been asking for? Share your story with us in the comments of this article! 

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